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Have you ever dreamed to be invisible? What if your skin was so pale that you can see through it? It looks fancy, isn't it? Well the truth is that many animals in nature got this power. Don't you believe me? Check it below ;)

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The Atlanta peroni (yeah just like the italian beer) is a small gastropod discovered in 2006. It lives in the deep water of tropical seas. Its tiny transparent shell has nice shades of color ranging from pink to blue.

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The leaf scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus) is a little fish which lives near the Indo-Pacific reef. Despite his tiny body (just 10cm or 4 inches lenght) this little fish is a great hunter. When this little fish is still in the larval phase its skin is perfectly transparent to avoid predators. As an adult anyway its skin get some blue or green shades of color without losing its transparency.

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The glass squid of Cranchiidae family lives in almost every sea of the world but thanks to its natural cloak of invisibility it is almost impossible to be found.

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The crocodile icefish (Channichthyidae) is a family of notothenioid fishes native to the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The hemoglobin content of its blood is very low, around 1% against the 45% average of the other animals, that's why its blood appears almost transparent and colorless. Anyway this low hemoglobine content is compensate by the high oxygen content of the water in which it lives.

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The Venus girdle, or Cestum veneris, is a weird comb jelly in the family Cestus. This comb jelly looks like a translucent ribbon that spread light when disturbed. This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence and it's used as a defense strategy. The Venus girdle is a pelagic species that can be found worldwide in midwater of tropical or subtropical seas.

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