The Meaning of the Gift of a Rose

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many feelings can be flushed with flowers. The flower of non-verbal bhs is very popular nowadays. You may have at least sent one message to a person with the help of flowers. the most meaningful flower of the whole type of flower is red roses. A single rose rose is commonly used to send love messages. There are also many other messages that can be sent via a single rose, such as:

A White Rose
this is used by a person who would convey "I apologize" for the mistake he has done. A white rose also has some other meaning. Starting from the middle age, white roses are also considered as a symbol of sincerity, purity and innocence. so sending a white single rose can also mean that you assume the person is innocent and holy, or your love for him is very sincere and pure.

A Yellow Rose
A single yellow rose expresses happiness and love. sending a single yellow rose to your lover means that you are happy with your current love affair. But be careful, because a single yellow rose has two meanings. They can also express jealousy, to give it to a person can mean that you are jealous. the best thing to avoid misunderstanding is to include a message on the word card to tell what you mean.

A Rose of Orange (Peach)
Single orange roses are used to send friendship messages to your best colleagues. you can also give it to your spouse to reveal that your best close friend is good in likes and sorrows.

A Single Purple Rose
A purple rose will reveal beauty. so if you want to tell someone that she is beautiful, you can send her a purple rose.

A Pink Rose / Pink
Red roses are easy steps to be grateful to a person because the meaning of pink roses has a sense of meaning sukur.

a Black Rose
Black roses will convey 'our relationship has been completed'. This is one step to end the ties by sending a black roses together with a message on the word card.

A Single Red Rose
red roses are also considered as the most beautiful and romantic flowers. Even from the days of ancient Rome, lovers gave both their red roses. at that time, the rose is the symbol of the Goddess Venus or the goddess of love, until from that time a red rose became the expression 'I Love You'.

Red rose petals can be used to reveal love and to create a romantic situation. you can let it float in the tub, or maybe by scattering it to all the floors of the house or room. If your lover is far away from you, you can give away some rose petals on your letter.

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