Fauna in Italy - Animals, birds and insects that live in various regions of my country. Papilio machaon

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Papilio machaon is a butterfly of the insect class (Lepidoptera). The background color of the wings is yellow, with black drawing, the rear side of the front wings has a black band. It has been named after the extension of the rear wings, the length of which ranges from a small outflow to a long filament, parallel to the concave edge has a black drawing, with a reddish-brown eye in the corner of the wing.


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I love the contrast of the white butterfly with the yellow flowers @adrianobalan. 😊

Wow these are beautiful butterflies photos! Very nice in the picture composition. Excellent!

Very nice photography.Thank you.

You got a 41.36% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @adrianobalan!

Dear @adrianobalan sir!
Immagina solo quanto l'arte sia nelle mani di Dio al di sopra di quella in cui è stata creata una farfalla così bella, il meraviglioso verme fatto con una miscela di colori adorabili. Quanto raramente può essere in grado qualsiasi umano di modellare? La farfalla fatta di ali di colori rari è molto attraente.