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Even if they are smaller than a nail, the ladybugs are capable of enviable performance. The ladybugs can reach incredible speeds and fly even at 60 km / h. But their performances do not stop here. Small insects can travel at very high altitudes, over 1,000 meters. And in terms of physical strength, ladybugs are very good. They can fly uninterruptedly for two hours.




Anche se sono più piccole di un chiodo, le coccinelle sono capaci di prestazioni invidiabili. Le coccinelle possono raggiungere velocità incredibili e volare anche a 60 km / h. Ma le loro performance non si fermano qui. I piccoli insetti possono viaggiare ad altitudini molto elevate, oltre i 1.000 metri. E in termini di forza e resistenza fisica, le coccinelle sono molto brave. Possono volare ininterrottamente per due ore.


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Even though the size looks small but he has a very extraordinary ability, besides that I see he has a very charming color. @adrianobalan

Beautiful images as always.. I like them in my garden..they eat all tiny parasites and some farmers here in Austria culture them so population would grow and they bring them all to their vegetable garden so that their crops are parasites free.

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What beautiful photos of the ladybugs, They are great.

la tua ultima foto non è adatta a tutti i pubblici, hahaha grande galleria amica.

These small animals are great and I like their intense colors.

The red an black ones are always my favourite @adrianobalan. Much nicer I think than the yellow ones. 😊

Que lindas mariquitas, acá en Venezuela también se les llama coquitos, son muy lindos peo solo he podido verlas en fotos. Gracias por compartir tus imágenes.

The lady bug is small and bueatiful creature with exceptional qualities. Thank you for educating me today.

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