82 years ago, the Tasmanian Wolves were extinct 🐾🐺🐯🐾

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The Tasmanian wolf, also known as the Sylvanian Wolf (Thylacinus cynocephalus). This name says nothing for you? You wonder why you have never heard of such an animal? Well, the truth is simple, sad and brutal. The Tasmanian wolves went extinct 82 years ago, in addition to many years of captivity. How did this happen? What do we know about these animals? 👇👇👇

The Tasmanian wolves in appearance resembled a combination of a dog and a tiger, and in my opinion also a little meerkat - due to a 50 cm tailed up tail. Apparently, they were even called false tigers. Settlers most often compared them to hyenas due to the way they move. Their fur was yellow-brown, additionally it was characterized by 13 to 21 distinctive dark stripes. They were mammals, the largest contemporary predatory marsupials. Originally, they occurred in Australia and New Guinea where they were repressed. Their area of ​​occurrence was constantly decreasing at the end of the 19th century, limiting itself to the areas of Tasmania. They fed mainly by hunting for wombats and kangaroos, and even emu birds. After the arrival of the Europeans in these areas and their relationship with the introduction of dingoes and foxes to Australia, he was considered a pest and was extensively exterminated because it was thought that he hunts for sheep and poultry they bred until in 1932 it was observed after one last time in its natural environment. As for the last individual living in the zoological garden, he fell at the Hobart ZOO in 1936. Despite numerous speculations regarding the traces of the presence of these animals seen in the natural environment (blurred photos, possible tropes, testimonies of witnesses) - wolves were recognized in 1986 as extinct species.

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I attach a link to the recordings of these animals ❤👇

Perhaps if there was no unreasonable suspicion of eating sheep, we could now meet wolves in a natural environment, or at least in a few zoos. And maybe even it would turn out that these animals could be tamed by humans? Reading about the wolfs, I met with the opinion that it would be possible, and even with such an opinion that maybe today the wolf would be the best friend of man and instead of giving him a fresh newspaper in his bag p

Although quite seriously it is a huge loss that these animals and many others leave the planet forever. Let us try to live to remember the next generations and in a dozen or so decades the rhinoceros, hippopotamus, panda or elephant. For many species, our actions are the last chance to save and survive!

And what do you think about it? It is also a pity for you wolfhounds and other animal species? Do you take any actions that help you? 🐾❤

Let me know!
I am waiting for your opinions,

📷 http://www.newsweek.pl/wiedza/nauka/wilkowory-tasmanskie-secretty-ymymlego-gatunku-torbaczy,artykuly,408957,1.html

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