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Yes! Bro, I'm betting on these things being a powerful health tool! With the extreme benefit of having a closer interaction with your habitat.

Check out Esther Gokhale and her primal posture stuff. It can go hand I'm hand with the barefooting movement. And Katy Bowman's natural movement work as well.

@yangyanje ( barefoot shoe expert ) you guys should get in touch

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So cool that you did a mention because the otherday I was thinking "I wonder if they got thier shoes already?!" and guessed I would never have known 😂

They are awesome and yes they do even winter styles aswell! Ill stick to my hunting boots for winter because i live more in the nature, hmm well actually maybe I shoukd get some winter ones too to try them out!
My mate will also get the ones you have for sailing shoes, I got the Primus trail SG/soft ground, which are good but i think as im living up a stoney hillside maybe the soft ground part will wear them out quickly 😂

Edit added on.. Ps, you will notice your ankles hurt after a while and you start to feel them working out, and then after a few weeks you feel like you have superstrong ankle supports built in!

I am seriously considering to buy a pair of winter, more closed barefoot shoes too. Also to be able to wear them at more formal occasions. I am attending a wedding in India in November and, must admit that, since I started wearing these vegan shoes, I kind of feel like not ( or hardly ) wearing my other footwear anymore. I am done with sweaty and tired feet and unnatural posture.

I bought thermo insoles too, so I can wear these shoes in all seasons.

Talking about hurting ankles, I have had a right ankle issue since January 2018. I hope that might go away thanks to these shoes. I have also had some small knee pain lately. I have walked a lot the last week or so and am already feeling the difference in the strength of my legs, knees and ankles and even my posture. It's worth the couple of blisters on my right feet.

@vimcentnijman, @movingman, vibram makes an insulated version of their Fivefingers shoes. I doubt it's vegan, but might be up your alley for a winter barefoot shoe/boot.

Vibram are with yellow text? I'm sure my Crispin hunting boots are Vibram but maybe it's not the same?

I'm needing winter shoes soon, I wore the boots and felt my leg get a twinge just after a few hundred steps. Thanks for the tip!

Yessir, they have a yellow octagon logo!

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They look like glorified crocs so I might look into them when mine start seriously considering dying XD

I am glad you added the word 'glorified' as I'm not a fan of crocs and that is an understatement haha :>)

P.S. I like wildlife though and wouldn't like it if crocs die or go extinct

oh I am jealous, there are times when i can't go barefoot and esp now in this heat the rocks and track are so hot. I would love some of these, I imagine they are expensive, but so worth it , good on you xx

I get it. I paid 90 euros for the shoes and 12 euro 50 for thermo insoles, so I can also wear them in colder months. I would almost buy you a pair. Perhaps we can start a crowdfunding via naturalmedicine? :>)


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Always nice to see a fellow vegan on steemit :0) To be honest I have the same problem as you since I became vegan, 6 foot tall weighing in at 140lbs (63.5kg) no matter how much food i eat! (Pretty much the best thing ever). Anyhow, thanks for introducing me to these shoes, I love everything you said about them and if @movingman endorses them then I really sold on them LoL. I think I may have to get a pair. Thanks for sharing friend :)

Dat lijken me wel leuke schoentjes (vegan of niet...) zolang ze maar goed zitten.

haha! helemaal mee eens. Ben er nog steeds niet over uit. Heb er gisteren mee gezwommen ( zie blog )

Alles goed? :>)

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Alles OK hier...alleen wat slecht geslapen door de warmte...