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It might not be immediately apparent but come spring, there 's a lot of activity going on with the conifers of our forests. When you take a close-up look and watch the changes over the weeks it is quite remarkable. New buds develop all over the tree promising new growth. Male cones (strobili) begin to develop and soon there will be a shower of gold, as the pine pollen spreads far and wide while pollinating female cones.

Pine pollen can be harvested. It is said to be a potent, nutrient-dense wholefood source. For us, it is another way for us to incorporate natural medicine into our lives by paying attention and getting to know what grows on our land. Pine pollen allergies are uncommon however, as with any new food it should be introduced into your diet carefully.

Photo: Red Pine (Pinus Resinosa)

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You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

It is wonderful to see the small changes in spring that eventually turn the bleakness of winter into the wonders of a new season and new life and new promise. Nature has so much to offer us by way of natural medicine, it teaches me that I need to learn more!

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Lovely sentiments @thistle-rock and I couldn't agree more.

I love spring and all the changes that occur, esp some so subtle like the pollen on the pine xx I love to sit and observe though I do not always have the time to do it xx


It is the same for me. I try to pay attention but sometimes I am moving too fast to do so. Hope you soaking in the newness of spring. xx