Thyme The Magical Herb- My Entry Into The Plant Medicine Challenge

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Nature has always provided us with what we need. We only have to look around in order to see that. But we also need to know what we are looking at, we need to be able to identify the plants that grow around us. So many of us have lost that knowledge and as a result the very plants that can heal us are ignored and labelled weeds.

Unless of course they are culinary herbs, then we all take notice. We have such an obsession with food, with taste, that we place more value on that, than on the actual nutritional value of what we are ingesting. People are willing to pay a lot of money to satisfy their taste buds, yet their health goes unchecked.

So many medicinal plants are destroyed daily, in order to create spaces that are appeasing to the eye.

Thyme is one of those plants that are identified as a culinary herb, it is used in a lot of recipes and I use it myself to cook with. Common thyme (Thymus Vulgaris)is the one used in most conventional cooking, but I am surrounded by wild thyme (Thymus Praeco)up here in the mountains, so it is this variety that I use, both for cooking and medicinal and spiritual reasons.

Indeed thyme is beneficial to the throat, mouth and stomach and it is antifungal. It can be taken as an infusion or made into a tincture. I could go into more detail about the many benefits it has for physical ailments, but today I wish to talk more about the many benefits it has for us spiritually and emotionally.

In simpler terms, I mean the ways in which it can aid us in personal growth. Each plant has it's own vibration or personality and this is the healing energy of the plant. This energy that each plant holds, works alongside our own energy and helps us in aiding our own healing. It is important to remember that we need to work with the plant, nothing in healing is linear, as with all things in nature everything happens in cycles and for us to benefit we need to be proactive. Medicinal plants are here to aid us and deepen our connection to the earth.


There are times in all our lives when we could do with some gentle assistance, with some gentle guidance. I have always turned to nature to support me in my healing. From a young age, it was to the wilds I went for support and to feel nurtured. I have always felt a huge connection to the trees and plants that surrounded me and would naturally munch on wild flowers and herbs. So using plants for healing has always been my way.

Thyme is used to help us connect with the warrior within. To help us find courage when we are feeling weak and overwhelmed. I have been feeling like this of late, indeed there was a time where one would carry thyme around with them to help the overcome grief. To help lift their spirits.

There is so much wild thyme in the mountains that surround me and along the track .that runs next to the land I live on. I feel it call to me and indeed I have been carrying some with me. I love the smell of it and it does indeed help to clear my mind. Because I am aware of it's magic, it is easy for me to draw strength from it. This herb, that is a gift from the earth, reminding me of my connection, aiding me in my healing journey, a journey of transformation.

Indeed if you find yourself in need of some courage, you would do well to collect some earth, some thyme and some borage and put them in a pouch to carry around with you. Of course with this new found courage, you will gain in self confidence and that in itself will bring so many more positive aspects into your life.

For this same reason thyme is used in herb pillows to aid sleep, and also to bring forth courage in order to overcome nightmares. You can put some sprigs of it under your pillow.

Thyme also helps to open up the doors of communication and in aids you with creative expression. It is really beneficail o make an infusion and drink it daily. I like to use thyme alongside sage as a smudge stick as it removes nagative energy and aids us in releasing sorrows from our past.

When you look at the plant itself you can see it is a very hardy and strong, it doesn't require a lot of water and can survive in harsh conditions. From this we can see how it helps us in gaining strength and courage, and inner purpose, how it helps us to move forward and grow no matter what the circumstances.

Plants are very communicative, you just need to sit still and observe them. Allow yourself to tap into their subtle energies, see how you feel being in their presence. We have a long history with plants, and once you start to use them and work with them, you begin to see how much healing they bring into every aspect of our lives. Indeed we become more in touch with our sensitive side and our intuitive side. Plants help us on our journey to achieving wholeness.

This is my entry into the NaturalMedicine Plant Medicine Challenge, you can find all the details right here. There were two other plants to choose from, but I chose the one that I am working alongside now. Please check out the other entries, so that we can all share in the wonderful healing power of plants.

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Can I totally DITTO @walkerland comment above? This is a MAGICAL post. I need some thyme just reading it. I can just smell the wild thyme and can imagine being in your truck and you waving a burning sage and thyme smudge stick around me! I'm going to sip an infusion tonight. I'm in dire need of it at the moment as I'm utterly overwhelmed by life... but know I have the resources of the natural world to get me through. Adored and resteemed.. Xx

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Thank you lovely, yes life is so overwhelming at times, you need to make yourself a courage pouch xx

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oh my goodness, this post made me squeal with delight. I am so glad you wrote about the spiritual and emotional aspects. I am just in awe of thyme. The be surrounded by wild thyme - what a dream! upvoted, resteemed and adored! xx

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thank you lovely, I really do love to look at these side of our relationship with plants, they provide us with so so much xx

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How true -

People are willing to pay a lot of money to satisfy their taste buds, yet their health goes unchecked.

Wonderful that you have wild thyme growing around you! I have never seen the wild thyme but I always grow some in my garden. Thanks for sharing the spiritual side of the benefits of thyme it is all new to me! It sounds like it is helping you to in your time of grief. Wonderful thyme! Take care! XXX --- Homesteaders Co-op A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD): follow: @homesteaderscoop


thanks so much @porters and @homesteaderscoop xx

I really enjoyed reading about thyme & borage for courage. 💚 Nice. Do you keep a sprig in your own pocket for courage? 😊

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I do carry some with me yes, it is so easy to find here x

Hi. @trucklife-family nice info!!!, from this post I learned more things about my favorite spice. I use thyme almost for everythig in my kitchen.


glad to share my knowledge with you @byronmushrooms, thanks for dropping by

Oh my, what an overpowering and informative post! (Certainly not overpowering in a bad way)

Thyme and other herbs are sorely and sadly overlooked in my home.


ah thanks so much @nateonsteemit

Love the entirety of this post to bits and pieces!


thank you @ravenking13

What a wonderful image of thyme - such a powerful herb and one of my favorite! thank you for sharing this insightful knowledge and wonderful writing as always!