The Healing Power Of Water


Today the river called to me, it called to me, to come and cleanse myself. To anoint myself with it's sacred water and to allow all that I have carried, to be washed away. It called to me so that I may have the time to sit and listen, to the sound of the water meandering past, allowing the thoughts that have weighted me down to follow that same course and be dispersed out to sea.

Water helps us to bring about change, it is the element of our inner self, of our feelings and our desires that influence our thoughts and actions. Water inspires us to release and let go, to allow our inner selves to flow. Water encourages us to share how we are feeling and to share our emotions, our pain and our joy. It inspires us to surrender to the natural cycle that all life undertakes.

To not forget who we really are. We are beings of love and we need to let go of any negative and unwanted thoughts and behaviours, so that we can move forward and embrace the natural flow of life. Embrace all of our emotions, because they are here to teach and guide us, all we need to do is, acknowledge and honour them. Acknowledge and honour them and then let them go.

When we allow ourselves to embrace and fully feel our emotions, we can then move forward into a place of love, kindness and appreciation. We then generate these emotions and as a result we can then send them out into the world, we generate and we allow them to flow through us and out into the world. This to me is magic, magic that we can all create, something that we can all do in order to help change the way we view ourselves, the way we view others and the way we view the world. Sending out our appreciation for all that has graced our life, taking the time to stop and listen to the magically sounds that surround us, taking the time to stop and appreciate those people within our lives. Imagine doing this everyday, every morning when you wake up, imagine the way, in which your your day would progress!

Everything in nature flows, from the seasonal changes , to the natural cycles. When we allow ourselves to experience those changes, we allow ourselves to be in flow. We are meant to feel the cold and the heat. We are meant to know whether our moon is waxing or waning. We are meant to age, to age naturally and embrace all the changes our bodies go under. We are meant to be in contact with our natural environment, to recognize the smells carried in the wind, to feel the difference in air temperature, to understand the effects that the moon has on us. We are meant to feel that connection.


Water knows no boundaries, it is all about being open and accepting. When we are being open then we allow things to flow into our lives naturally. We have faith in the fact that we create our own reality and that what we put out into the world, is that which we receive back. But we have to be receptive to those things, we have to be like water. Water creates the doorway, for our dreams and our visions. We have to be receptive and Accepting of the things that come in your path. We do not need to like them, but we do need to accept them, because that which comes to us, comes for a reason. Perhaps it is an opportunity to heal something from our past, or something new to create for our future. But if we do not create the doorway we will miss that opportunity, so create the doorway and keep it open.

Today the river called me, and I answered that call. I went to one of my favorite spots and allowed the magic of nature to wash over me, allowed it to cleanse me. So today I give thanks to the river, for reminding me to be open and receptive, to allow my emotions to flow and embrace the change that is occurring within my life. To remember that we can generate a flow of positive life enhancing emotions and that in generating that flow we can then send it out into the world.

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This is so beautiful. Water is such a medicine to me too. It sooths, quiets, enables a letting go. I LOVE your nature posts SO much.


thank you my dear, I had a great day today by the river and wanted to share my gratitude xxx

Water is the element of emotion and like water, our emotions flow. It is natural that calls us from time to time and reminds us to feel, let go and feel again. You made a great post about this honey, inspirational and educational at the same time. Much love 💚


thanks so much @zen-art xxx

Absolutely beautiful.
Nature is so awesome and so beautiful and we are one with nature.
Really enjoyed your posts, like always and I am always inspired by you.
Have a wonderful weekend.


thank you @joalvarez for you lovely words and support, I hope you are having a beautiful weekend xx

@trucklofe-family nature connect humans. Alwsys felt blessed to be around river or waterfall. ..a good place for meditation too....i stay near to Haridwar where pious Ganga river flows and i love to visit the place it give a lot of peace..

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thank you @steemflow, I imagine it must be very beautiful where you stay xx


Not everything is beautiful unless you make them ....

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I'm digging all the #naturalmedicine posts I've come across lately!

Have you heard of the water stirring stuff and how water collects memory? I've not tried it myself, but it sounds pretty cool if it works.


there are some really great gems in the naturalmedicine tag, I have read a little about how water holds memory, for this reason it is good to sometimes put homoeopathy remedies in water, there is one remedy that has been made from the Berlin wall to treat separation anxiety and placing it in water or any of them in water increases the vibrational energy xx Thank you @nateonsteemit x

I go swimming regularly.

By the way, do you know that water can be considered as chemically a single object? Bonds breaking and reforming. And see Mari JIBU, Kunio YASUE, Quantum brain dynamics and consciousness, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1995, for something literally mindblowing about water ... ; 0


thank you @tibra, I like the sound of that book and will look for it for sure x

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thank you @nateonsteemit x

This is truly beautiful. My heart swelled with good vibes while reading it. I found this so inspiring and I am craving some time with water now. Thank you. ♥


thank you so much @walkerland, I am glad that it inspired you to spend time with some water, I hope you are well xx


I am very well thanks - just struggling to keep up with the garden harvests and figuring out how to best store all of the food. I missed so much great reading material when I was away so I am trying to catch up. That said, I am really tired out and could use some non work time by the water so I'll be making it a priority.

Such a beautiful post @trucklife-family .. and I think I'm in love with your stunning stretch of water .. I want to swim there :) I'm very much a proponent of the healing power of water (the river of life) .. at every opportunity, I baptise and cleanse myself in it's rejuvenating majesty .. and I'm so glad to see it working it's magic with you my friend.


thank you @perceptualflaws, I have no photos of the river I was at as my camera is broken, the ones above are from west Cork, it is so beautiful there and I hope to visit again in the future xxx the water is ao healing we are so blessed to be surrounded by that which we need xxx