Health is Wealth : Death is Inevitable [NM Wisdom Challenge]

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Thanks to @naturalmedicine for allowing me to remind of the bitter truth. A truth that all knows but like to avoid talking. This is about the natural medicine Wisdom Challenge question.

Do We Live Healthy Lives to Avoid or Postpone Death?

This is my short insight on the topic, through my own prospective.


The bitter truth which all of us knows "Death is Inevitable". The natural occurance which will happen to everyone, at any time. There is no fixed schedule or time of Death. It may happen at any phase of age, be it toddler,young or old. A condition when soul leaves the body and leave it to decompose. A normal human life span is 80 years, The life cycle which starts with crying of a baby, ends with a last breath.

In between the life cycle, there are many moments , many instances which we live to enjoy and to wish never to end and enjoy our life completely. For living life fullest, health is important as rightly said "Health is Wealth" . A healthy body have a healthy mind which makes a human to think, decide and take all important decision. And among them is living a healthy life.

Being Healthy is not something which comes naturally, except few exceptional cases, but it is the inner belief which push you to keep the body healthy to stay active till maximum age. If we take a dipper insight, then we will notice our body is a kind of machine, which performs many function be it breathing, or moving our body , each of the function is important for our survival.



In todays fast forward life, people keep rushing to accumulate as much wealth as possible, and in pursuit they miss to value the existence of our body, which results in spending the accumulated wealth on your health at later stage. They forget, they if they remain healthy they can accumulate wealth at any given point of time. Healthy body have a healthy minds which remain functional at any stage of age. The moment mind fail to be active the body start losing all important value.

By staying healthy, we cannot avoid death but for sure, we make our life more meaningful and purposeful. We all have taken birth on earth for a purpose, and that purpose can only be achieved by staying healthy.


Stay Calm....

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Recently I have been forced to address my health but have yet to discover the wealth, hoping it will come along soon enough 🤞

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@steemflow Hola... Rightly said agreed with each and every line of post... According to me we avoid it maybe we take death scary and fear of leaving the atmosphere we are in and many of us hate where we are and this seems to be really two faced.... Thanks =) for sharing value post ... Keep it up =)

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Health is wealth indeed!! Makes me want to quit my stressful job immediately!!! A great perspective. Xxx

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Great response @steemflow! Health is wealth - absolutely! I'd like to think that healthy choices will keep me strong and perhaps put the odds more in my favor for a happy, long life (no guarantees of course).

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Well said!
How many of us truly value our health!
I know I personally never really valued it in my younger days or until I just about lost it, then I realized how valuable it is!
The other fact that death is inevitable - how many people ignore that?
I have become more aware of that, especially as I try to live a more mindful life, being aware of how I am spending my precious time.

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Pointless and meaningless existence doesn't mean you cannot enjoy it.

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This is another interesting topic of discussion! I absolutely agree that health is wealth. So many people use the excuse that they are going to die anyway, so why not enjoy life in a hedonistic way? But then they abuse their bodies in such a way that they can't live life to the fullest anyway! I'd rather take care of my vessel for whatever time I have it and find joy in feel strong and fit in body and mind!


Abusing bodies by living a carefree life is not the healthy. Love free but at the same time remain cherish those lovely moments for long.... Thanks @plantsoplanks for the lovely insight and adding value to my post..👍 Steem on

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Namaste good to see your posits, thanks for the inspiring words.


Namaste @julianhorack always good to share

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I'm intrigued that you see death as a "bitter" truth. As someone who has lived through x3 cancers and seen most of my friends from that time die, I see it as simply a new beginning, a transition, a doorway to a bigger existence. Yes, when we are aware and living healthfully, we are better able to LIVE in this moment, and to engage and give from a full heart. Nice contribution. :)

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Well that was the thing taught in our Bhagavad Geeta. ..whosoever came into this life would die....and applicable to all living being. May be somewhere it is karma which decides on the occurrence of death......awwww...😶 I am not preaching ...🙏..just what I learnt 😊.....
I never know 3x cancer treatment but coming back hard and cherishing every moment of life is incredible...simply salute to will power and strength🙏

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