The beginnings of a hugelkultur mound



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We're going to burry all the little trees we cut down when we cleared a spot for a temporary outdoor kitchen.

Temporary, because one of these day we'll build (in it's respectful place) an all natural lean-to building with a cob oven, a couple rocket stoves, lots of workspace for cooking, fermenting, making natural medicines and other concoctions that may pop up... and of course it'll be large enough for a beautiful table to feast on!!!

In the mean time, you see all that clay I unearthed??? A treasure for building material, it's literally everywhere (and by the way, that's a perfect example of what "material capital" can be). So, thinking in a permaculture kind of way, those young trees and shrubs we cut down for the kitchen will go back into the earth, nourishing a mound of what will soon turn into a nuitritious part of our vegetable garden.

These are the beginnings of our hugelkultur mounds.

Be warned, this is a re-post from our instagram account which can be found under the tag @Dreamland_xp. This is an account dedicated entirely to the building of our Neo-trbal Vilage, in the north east united states. If you happen to feel interested in joining the build and creating a life connected to the natural world, please contact me here.


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If you want to know what really is inside this Coconut, take a look at my Humans Of Steemit.

And don't forget… Dreams Come True!

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