Food as medicine

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Our food can well be our medicine as well as destroy us without mercy. What we eat can make or break us, in other words.

Decades ago, our forefathers and mothers knew about how to live life, what to cook and eat and use natural resources in a way that was both useful and productive. They did not have fancy degrees nor were they specialized in any science. They just knew and were happy enough to follow what their grandmas advised.

Later on as time passed and technology advanced, pharma grew and people were made to believe that modern medicine and only modern medicine alone could cure diseases. Unfortunately, that was the time I was born. In the '70s. Childhood illnesses and we were given antibiotics. As a result, bad teeth.

I am not against the docs or meds in general but I just wondered what would have happened if we all had followed grandma's recipes alone.

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(jackfruit is believed to be good for diabetics)

My husband's grandmother lived to a ripe old age and did not have any serious disease at all. It is said that she used to eat on time and also made curries from leaves found on the farm like herbs that she knew about. No one wrote down her recipes at all. I don't think they realized what they missed.

If you know of aged people who follow a particular diet and are perfectly healthy, please ask them to share their recipes and diet plan because it should be written down and shared and passed on to future generations.

I will write down a remedy for bloating and gas that we got from my mother in law. It is very effective and has no side effects.

Cumin seeds/Jeera - a few tablespoons
water - one cup
sugar - one spoon

Heat a wok. Put the cumin seeds in it and dry fry till the seeds start bursting. Pour water gently so that it does not spurt and hurt your hand while pouring. Let the water boil and switch off the stove. Strain the water and add sugar to it and stir. Drink the water when it is warm. Do not let it go cool but wait for the boiling hot to cool down a little.

I guarantee that the feeling of bloat and gas will disappear. I have had it even during pregnancy.

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Cumin is one of my ALL TIME favourite spices!! As I sit here at almost midnight on a Monday night, I am suddenly craving both yummy dahl and dutch gouda cheese spiced with cummin seeds. LOL. You can take the girl out of Holland.....

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I bet we consume a tablespoon of cumin seeds per day per person in our household. I wouldn't know how to live without cumin.

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And we are privileged to have YOU. The ancestral wisdom of which you speak was one of the main reasons we started NM. I still regret not asking my grandma all the things she knew about home remedies. I love cummin... I eat it a lot. I get cravings for it!

Thank you dear

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The passing down of natural wisdom from one generation to the next is definitely something to keep sacred! As much as I love science and researching health and wellness, it is still nice to just go back to the basics and connect with food in a more holistic sense. I love learning from the wisdom of all the wonderful Natural Medicine folks!

It saddens me to see jackfruit. We used to eat it almost daily in Cambodia, sometimes scoring a fruit the size of a small child for a couple bucks. Here in Suriname the food prices are our biggest burden, and fruit has almost become a distant memory. I think it's been almost 6 months now since I've eaten jackfruit, and this post made my mouth water for a minute. It's such a versatile fruit. I really love the varieties where the stringy bits are tastier than the yellow fruit pods.

I hope you get to eat it soon. It is so rich in nutrients