The Blue Lotus. A Review Of It's Use.

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Nelumbo Caerulea. The Blue Lotus
Recently a lot us have had some time on our hands due to the Covid-19 lock down, this applies more so here in the United Kingdom. Most of my time has been spent migrating from meditating,gardening,reading, and cooking with each passing day trying to make productive use of the confinement. With an abundance of time to meditate on hand I have been incorporating things like binaural waves as well as Blue Lotus into my day to day routine to see how well these things work when attempting to reach different states of consciousness. So in this post I'm going to go over the use of Blue Lotus and what effects I've experienced with this as an aid, as well as other uses I've happened upon.

The History Behind The Blue Lotus
The Blue Lotus, and some of its other close relatives can be found throughout Ancient Egyptian and Mayan art. The most common uses behind it was as an aphrodisiac, and there are many examples found in Egyptian art of orgies where the Blue Lotus is depicted. It's a safe assumption that this may have been one of the reasons behind the veneration of the plant. The plant itself contains a high amounts of Apomorphine which has been used for erectile dysfunction as well as a sexual stimulant. In 200 the FDA studied its uses for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Egyptians knew this and often paired it with wine... One way to keep brewers droop from spoiling the party I suppose.

Using The Plant
Besides using this plant as a way to wake up the lower part of your higher self it has other uses. For instance,lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming and getting to a point of managing your experience takes a lot of work. I've worked at it for years as often as I can, and I was curious to see how the Blue Lotus plant aid altered the experience. Normally it's a state once in that you can unpack things,take problems or concepts and unroll them against certain lights like a prism where every time you turn it a different view is presented. In this regard it's an invaluable state to aim for.

The main way the Blue Lotus is prepared is by tea. Use ten grams of dried flower. Some opt to smoke it but that's not for me. So I prepared a strong tea that I steeped for about half an hour, then downed. After this I left my partner down stairs reading while I went upstairs and laid down. I put in noise cancelling head phones, turned on Theta binaural sounds and began to drift off and in.

For starters achieving a lucid dream state was easier than it usually is. In less than an hour I was in that free and deeply controlled place. To maintain a lucid dream state can be tough as it can slip away, but the Blue Lotus made it a lot easier to hold into. After a couple hours I completed my experiment and went on in a groggy fashion about my day.

I did find there were unintended and rather pleasant effects after. For instance, a persistent case of Mississippi leg hound. Don't use it if your partner or spouse isn't home with you. You will miss out on the fun part after your lucid dreaming session. But the most noticeable effect was it worked as a pain reliever.


I have arthritis from having shattered ribs on one side and broken ones on the other from a series of injuries when I was younger. I also have an object lodged near my spine that hurts day in day out. Weather can make the pain worse, and winters are the worse. On an average day it's background noise. I've been prescribed some heavy pain meds over the years but I don't take them. There to debilitating.

Once the Blue Lotus effects kicked I noticed my normal discomfort recede. Breathing lost it's usual ache and the normal ache I've grown accustomed to was muted. I wouldn't go operating heavy machinery on this plant, but you still have your wits more so than you would on standard pain meds. But it was a surprising/pleasant discovery. My partner used it for menstrual discomfort as well, and found it better than other measures she has used to cope before. These were all unintended findings so it was a huge plus.

Over all it was a useful experiment so I will continue to use it for it's intended and unintended effects. The tea does taste like crap, but as a dream aid it's incredible. I'd advise sourcing it from Zamnesia as they are a reliable vendor if you live in the EU or the UK. Don't use Avalon Magic Plants. They have a reputation of taking crypto payments and not sending the products you purchased, even if they are legal to ship to the UK. They have done it to me among others I know.

So that's it for this write up. A quicky on Blue Lotus and it's uses. If you're new to using plant aids then start with a little caution and use common sense. The old saying of of don't be daft basically. However you will find it rewarding to work with I think. Thank you so much for giving my post a read and as always looking forward to you guys content. 😁


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