What is playing watermelon? and what are the qualities of watermelon...

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Hello friends how are you all good and always good and healthy wishing you again today our little post to explain to you about the importance of a very important fruit hopefully the virtues of this fruit will surprise you as it is we Normally all people eat

Yes guys today I will share with you some important information about the virtues of watermelon


Watermelon is a summer fruit that is loved by all kinds of psychics and hidden in this watermelon many qualities that people do not really know.

The first thing to do when playing this watermelon is to keep your blood pressure under control. If you go to the doctor in general, the doctor always says that you know why you should eat regular watermelon.


Secondly, skin protection If you regularly drink watermelon, your skin is dry and moist and your saliva returns to lost skin because this watermelon contains vitamin E which protects your skin.

Increases eyesight and keeps it simple. If you are drinking regular watermelon, it helps to increase your eyesight because it contains a lot of vitamin A in the water. Keeping your eyesight healthy and strong so eat it every day and try to eat a watermelon at least once a day.

The latest and the one that helps with this technology is to help lower your cholesterol. Because watermelon contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium, which helps to lower your body's cholesterol. Because if it is low in your body then your heart rate is very good and healthy for which you can move normally.

Hopefully some of you have been able to share some information about watermelons, and of course all of you will

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watermelon is to keep your blood pressure under control

never heard that before, thanx for that information, great!

Well, it is high in L-citrulline, an amino acid which is converted to L-arginine once inside the body... so the suggestion is there but not sure how much research has been done.
Other than the connection and a few studies. @mamun123456, a suggestion, you should add some references to your posts to round them out.

Ok next time trying to share more thing

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Organic? Watermelon here in Thailand we almost never eat unless we know the farmer - it is a dangerously pesticided crop, most of the time.

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Now is the watermelon season.