The Healing Power of Belief and Your Inner Power to Heal


Introduction: They Don't Want You to Heal

We live in a time of awakening, where people are waking up in droves to the constructs and society and webs of deceit that have been built up in order to keep the masses enslaved - mentally and spiritually, and coincidentally also in a state of perpetual sickness and disease. Every day, more and more people are waking up to the massive medical fraud being perpetrated against the public, what is truly a criminal conspiracy formed at the highest levels of the medical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

People are quickly beginning to realize what a scam western medicine has become, constantly treating the symptoms of chronic disease but rarely curing the sickness. In this day and age the elderly on average are on a multitude of pills, many of which are taken simply to treat the side effects of another pill, with even the original prescription itself only treating a symptom of the deeper problem rather than the root cause. Many people are waking up to the fact that natural medicine is most often far more effective than pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by their doctor, and are beginning to see the overwhelming benefits of homeopathic and other natural medicine over the traditional allopathic medicine practiced almost exclusively in the western medical industry.

Many people are beginning to realize that the root cause of the majority of chronic illnesses a large and growing percentage of Americans are suffering from, in what has truly become an all-out epidemic, stems from an unhealthy lifestyle, and that a few simple (but radical for so many) changes in our lifestyle eliminates most of these root causes. The signs of this epidemic are everywhere, including out of control obesity, heart disease on the rise, and an increasing number of people being diagnosed with cancer every year. It has gotten so bad that now at least 50% of dogs are diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 10 years old or younger.

These underlying causes of chronic disease almost always ignored by the majority of doctors during diagnosis and treatment are predominantly (physically speaking) an unhealthy diet consisting of highly processed inorganic and fast food; and various toxins in the environment such as toxic chemicals including those sprayed on inorganic produce, in household cleaners, Prozac in the water supply, toxic heavy metals, and the list goes on and on and on. Then there are of course the many potential harmful side-effects of vaccines, particular how they weaken the immune system; and the vast array of harmful and even potentially deadly side-effects of the plethora of pharmaceuticals prescribed to most patients today.

Big Food poisons us and makes us sick, the pharmaceuticals prescribed by the doctors poison us under the guise of treating the original sickness, but only treat the symptoms while at the same time creating more symptoms from the toxins they are introducing into our systems, and a chain reaction creating the widespread chronic illness and disease seen today begins. Of course this chain reaction also creates a steady stream of income for Big Food, Big Pharma, the doctors prescribing all these pharmaceutical drugs and performing these often ineffective but highly costly treatments (such as radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients, which they admit has a less than ideal success rate, and even then in most cases the cancer is not eradicated and so returns several years later...), as well as all the big corporations manufacturing the toxic chemicals sprayed on our crops such as Monsanto.

As I have come to learn, however, it turns out there is an even deeper cause behind this epidemic of sickness in the country today, which is less physical and far more in our minds and emotions as we live busy and stressful lifestyles filled with fear and anxiety, in a materialistic society of consumerism. And in this sense, the fear-mongering and divisive mainstream 'news' media and world of politics, along with incessant corporate advertising are to blame for this epidemic.

But at the same time, too, then does the power of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs have an amazing power to heal us at the root level causing our lack of wellness and disease. This amazing natural medicine or form of healing if you will, is the documented healing power of belief; and how our mental, emotional and spiritual state can both cause disease and heal us. And that will be the focus of this post – the power of belief and our inner state of being – which arguably has more healing power than any other natural medicine in existence, and which can be more toxic to our body and even those around us than any physical toxins in our environment.

This is the information which I believe is the biggest threat to all those who profit off both making us sick in the first place and from humanity's perpetual state of chronic illness, and not only these but also those who profit from perpetual war (Military Industrial Complex) and even those who profit from keeping us in a constant state of fear and division (Corporate Media), and I think that is why this information though just as well documented as other natural medicines, is more suppressed and less widely known in the world today.

The Healing Power of Belief and The Science of Miracles

"And he (Jesus) could not do any mighty works (miracles) there... because of their unbelief." - Gospel of Mark

Over the course of this year I stumbled across and became fascinated and deeply enchanted by the idea best summarized as the healing power of belief - that our beliefs deeply influence reality and can even produce what appears to the human mind to be miracles, though there is a science behind this seemingly miraculous power of belief. Around New Year's I embarked on my journey down this rabbit hole, researching this topic which included a wide variety of subjects including the power of thoughts and emotions to effect matter, spiritual healing, quantum physics, a number of ancient spiritual and religious traditions which seemed to have an intricate knowledge of these mysteries, and how this all ties together.

There is a very powerful and well presented documentary now on Netflix that I recently discovered and watched several months ago, entitled Heal, which is probably the best overview and compilation of information on this topic that I have ever seen all in one place. I highly recommend that anyone who has access to Netflix or any other way of watching this documentary do so, as it can be purchased on Itunes and Amazon among other sources.


But for those who are unable, and as a way to share some of what I've learned on this enlightening topic, I wanted to make a post summarizing the information shared within that documentary, much of which is exactly the same stuff I had already been discovering through various books and YouTube videos, just all compiled in one place in documentary form. The power to heal – our bodies, our relationships and our world – lies within us all, and the beauty is that we really do not need any physical medicine in order to do so - apart from a change in diet for many.

This secret, which I like to call the science of miracles, has long been known to many spiritual masters and mystics, and this ancient science can be found hidden within many ancient spiritual and religious traditions. Now, over the past several decades, modern physics has begun to re-discover this long-lost (to the west) science, and a plethora of scientific and medical studies now exist proving this apparent phenomenon – that our beliefs have the power to heal our bodies, and what we think and how we feel literally changes the world around us. While the mystery of such apparently miraculous feats are still not fully understood, quantum physics and medical studies have produced enough evidence to prove that humans do indeed have the power to physically heal themselves through their beliefs.

As Gregg Braden explains in his book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief – Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits:

Beliefs have long been known to have healing powers. … While doctors can't explain precisely why some patients cure themselves through their beliefs, the effect has been documented so many times that at the very least we must accept that there is a correlation between the body's repairing itself and the patient's belief that the healing has taken place. (pp. 43)

Gregg Braden is a geologist who has spent the last number of years of his life going to the far reaches of the earth to uncover the long-lost ancient spiritual traditions of prayer and healing, researching these traditions and comparing them with the recent discoveries in quantum physics and alternative medicine in an attempt to understand the mysteries of our universe and the underlying truths that form the basis of all true religions and spiritual paths and their relation to healing. He is among some of the few powerful voices speaking out about these truths and discoveries in the world today who are also featured in Heal, along with other prominent alternative voices such as Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, as well as many others with various medical, scientific and spiritual backgrounds.

As explained in Heal, a big problem with modern allopathic medicine is that the entire western medical industry is based upon the faulty Newtonian and Darwinian science that states the body is simply a physical machine with no purpose but to survive until it dies. However modern science is demonstrating what has been commonly accepted by many all along: that man is much more than the physical body - as the body itself is in reality not physical but energetic, that we have a purpose far beyond mere survival (spirituality), and there is an intelligence within our bodies far greater than our own minds. It is this intelligence which tells our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe and which automatically heals all manner of injury, sickness and disease without the mind understanding how or initiating this (indicating the existence of a divine mind, ie. Creator).

Kelly Brogan, M.D. explains this problem in the modern medical industry and how being diagnosed with a chronic disease herself forced to re-think her view on medicine and healing.

“I very much believed that perfect health was always only one prescription away,” she said. “I'd only ever been trained to dismiss alternative medicine as sort of this nuisance, this nuisance to legitimate, real medicine.”**

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness (I cannot remember which one), she went to a natural-path because, in her own words she “knew that conventional medicine had nothing to offer” her - “so of course I put into remission in 6 months what should be a chronic lifelong disease,” she explained. “I experienced the raising of a lot of red flags, you know I never learned that nutrition has anything to do with health!”

This is shocking but true, that doctors are generally intentionally not taught that nutrition has anything to do with health, when in fact it has absolutely everything to do with health and wellness! Nor are they taught that our thought patterns, feelings and beliefs strongly influence not only our mental and emotional but our physical health as well, and yet these have what appears to be a stronger affect on our health or lack thereof than everything else combined!

In medical research, the documentation of this correlation between a patient's belief and physical healing occurring in the body is known as the Placebo Effect. This is fairly well known in the medical field and happens when, during medical trials of a certain drug or medical treatment, a patient is led to believe they are being given a specific medicine or treatment, but instead receive something that has no known healing powers such as a sugar pill, saline solution, water, or in some cases even a surgery where no procedure was actually performed during the surgery; and yet the patient is healed just as if they'd been given the actual treatment they thought they were getting. Amazingly, typically anywhere from about 30% up to even 50% or more of the people receiving a placebo in place of the treatment they believed they were getting are healed just as if they had received the treatment – but the healing is based entirely on their belief that what they are being administered is effective treatment and has nothing to do with what they actually receive.

There is also the Nocebo Effect which has also been documented in medical trials, which is the same idea but runs in the opposite direction; and occurs when a patient's belief that a certain drug or treatment won't be effective hinders an otherwise proven treatment from making them well.

During clinical trials there are sometimes even nearly as many people not healed by the drug designed to do the healing than are healed by the placebo! One man interviewed in the documentary who works in the pharmaceutical industry explained how most people in his line of work just want to find cures for diseases, but that it is the few at the top of the industry who put profit over humanity who are the problem - hindering the discovery of truly effective cures in order to protect the income from their drugs which only treat the symptoms, rushing to release drugs with known detrimental side-effects without further costly and time-consuming research to resolve the issues, and suppressing knowledge and research on natural medicine and well documented phenomena such as the Placebo Effect. But he said what was even more fascinating for him is that during the clinical trials of these new pharmaceuticals, how many people are cured by the placebo, and it was this that truly blew his mind – how great the healing power of belief truly must be.

In other words, what the Placebo Effect shows, and what other research is beginning to demonstrate is that belief itself shifts Biology, as Bruce Lipton is apt to point out. Our most cherished and deeply held beliefs can literally change our DNA and change the atoms that makeup the world around us. The chart below shows in brief summary how this is possible.

SAM_6541.JPG (Source: The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Braden, pp. 56)

Essentially, what the new physics has discovered is that our whole world as we know it is made up of energy; all matter is in fact energy vibrating at a different frequency. Where it was once thought that atoms formed the base of all matter in the universe, it is now known that electric and magnetic energy form the atoms that make up all matter.

The interesting thing about the human body in regards to electromagnetic energy is that our hearts and brains emit large amounts of electromagnetic energy in the form of electrical and magnetic waves. Our thoughts and our feelings are in fact vibrations of electromagnetic energy that in turn influence and can therefore alter the energy which makes up the atoms which form the very matter that makes up our bodies and our universe! This is where the terms “good vibes” and “bad vibes” come from, because there are literal higher and lower vibrations our bodies our constantly emitting through our hearts and brain via our thoughts and emotions, which creates a field, and which others can feel and pick up on. This is why moods often seem to be contagious, and how we can sometimes walk in to a room and feel either a strong sense of positive or negative energy that instantly lifts our mood or depresses it.

In regards to physical healing and disease, it can really be summarized quite simply. Toxic thoughts create toxic chemicals in your body that, if built up over time will make you physically sick. In the same way, tonic thoughts create tonic chemicals that calm and heal. So it is that stress and fear are the fundamental causes behind the majority of chronic illnesses, and indeed nearly every disease that arises in the human consciousness and is mirrored in the human body.

So if you want to prevent disease, you simply prevent toxic buildup, and where is the biggest such buildup? In western society there is no doubt that for many, if not most people, it is a stressful lifestyle and a mind full of fear and doubt. Stress causes a physical change in the body, causing it to become more acidic, which in turns causes inflammation. So too does release of these toxic feelings and thought patterns bring healing.

How this works is that the brain is always releasing chemicals into the body, either healing or destructive. The heart and brain are also intrinsically connected energetically at all times, whether we are aware of it or not. This connection between our heart and brain is called heart-brain resonance, and determines which chemicals the brain will be releasing. And although it is the brain releasing the toxic or beneficial chemicals into our body, it is our heart that has most strongly influences this as research by the HeartMath Institute has shown. In fact, our heart emits the strongest electrical and magnetic waves of the entire body, many time stronger than even our brain waves.

So when the heart is feeling positive emotions – love, compassion, gratitude, appreciation - then the signal between the two is optimal and the waves are smooth and this is called heart-brain coherence, which triggers the brain to match this frequency and in turn release the healing or tonic chemicals into our body. But when we are creating the 'stress chemistry' – feeling anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, frustration – then the signal is chaotic and the waves are jagged, creating heart-brain incoherence which in turn induces the brain to release destructive or toxic chemicals into our body.

And there are real life stories to back this truth up. In Heal, one woman shares the powerful story of how her cancer was cured simply by a radical change in her worldview from one based on fear to one based on love, and over the course of 5 weeks her tumors shrunk until they had completely dissolved and she was sent home cancer-free. She had had Lymphoma for 4 years, tumors all around her neck and the base of her skull, all the way down to her chest and abdomen, some the size of lemons; and on this particular day her family was told that these were her final hours, when her organs began shutting down one by one, putting her into a coma.

It was at this point when her body went into a coma that she vividly recalls seeing her father who had previously passed away, who in that moment told her that he loved her and she could see that he accepted her for who she was. The importance of this is that for her entire life she had felt that she had let her father down, that she wasn't good enough for him and didn't meet his standards. She was constantly in judgment of herself over this and lived in a state of fear that stemmed from not feeling fully loved by her father whom she loved dearly - due to her perception of letting him down, and fear that she would never get the chance to make it up to him and please him as she wished she had been able to do while he was yet on this earth. This was her perception. But in that moment, she recalls, she could see clearly how this fear had caused the cancer and was physically killing her, and that in reality it was all based on an incorrect perception leading to a self-judgment she had thought came from her father's lack of love. In reality, she didn't let him down, and he did love her and accept her. When she realized this, she was at peace with herself and her father, she was easily able to let the fear and judgment go, and fully embraced self-love for the first time in her life.

When she came out of her coma, she was a changed woman, and the doctors didn't know how she had managed to come out of the coma. Just five weeks later she was sent home completely cancer-free!

The journey of another woman's fight against stage 4 cancer is documented, whose cancer was successfully eradicated in just one radiation treatment combined with a few changes in diet and predominantly several months of alternative emotional therapy, where toxic negative emotions which had been building up in her body for years were brought to the surface and released with the help of a knowledgeable therapist. Initially, the doctors didn't believe it when her test results came back negative, saying it wasn't possible for one treatment to eliminate stage 4 cancer. Most people in her situation don't survive even after multiple treatments. They had estimated her chances at putting the cancer into remission at slim to zero, and said she would need multiple radiation treatments to even accomplish that feat. Complete eradication of the cancer was highly unlikely and out of the picture.

Two years later the cancer had still not returned – in all likelihood it was indeed completely eradicated, not by the radiation but by the release of all the toxic emotions which had surely been a major cause of the cancer in the first place, and by believing she could beat it rather than accepting the doctor's prognosis that she surely wouldn't. When the doctors realized there were no mistakes and the cancer really was gone, and asked her how she had done it, she laughingly explained that she had told them it was all the wheat grass she had been drinking, knowing they would surely disbelieve that emotional therapy and determination had anything at all to do with the miraculous healing!

That is the power of belief – the emotions we cling to and the thought patterns that drive us – it can work in both directions, healing us or killing us, and that is why belief is such a powerful force. But this belief is not a mere mental acceptance or recognition of something, it is a deep inner knowing based on our life experience and our emotional feelings. As Gregg Braden defines it in his book in regards to this subject, belief is “the acceptance that comes with what we think is true in our minds married with what we feel is true in our hearts.”

Thus words attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas state that, “If two (mind and emotion) make peace in this one house (our bodily temples), then you will say to the mountain 'move away' and it will move.” And again, “If you make the two one, then you will say to the mountain 'move' and it will move.”

It sure may be hard to believe that the power to change the atoms that make up the matter of our universe and therefore to literally move mountains lies within each and every one of us, but that is what quantum physics is beginning to tell us, and it aligns with the knowledge handed down within so many ancient spiritual traditions. Countless miracles that defy the laws of physics as we have known them have been documented down through the ages (just read Autobiography of a Yogi for many dozens if not hundreds of examples all in one place). With quantum physics beginning to show us how such 'impossibilities' could in fact be possible, and in light of all the 'miraculous' healing occurring today like the ones being shared here, it becomes easier to see how so many miracles could in fact be truly historical and not just delusional myths - and such miraculous power may even be within our own reach if we are willing to lead a more loving and compassionate life.

Not only does a positive internal environment creating heart-brain coherence induce healing to naturally occur, but with enough focus and by creating the right feeling, we can consciously direct our electromagnetic energy to heal ourselves, or even others.

An amazing example of this is shared in Heal, where Dr. Joe Dispenza describes how in 1986 he was in a car wreck which compressed 6 vertebra; he was told he needed a major surgery and on top of that, the prognosis was that he would be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life and never walk again. He recounts that had this been any of his patients, he would have directed them to get the surgery, but he decided he was going to see if he could prove something, by putting in practice what he had been learning in theory. He made a promise that if he could heal himself, he would dedicate the rest of his life to spreading the knowledge of humanity's inner power to heal.

And so the doctor declined surgery, and instead began spending three hours a day directing his thoughts to re-building the crushed vertebrae. It took time and dedication, but six weeks later when he was able to complete the process in his mind perfectly without any distracting thoughts, he noticed a change in his body and began to regain motor capabilities. No surgery, and yet just 10 weeks later he was back up on his feet! Remember he had been told that even with surgery he would never be able to walk again, and now he is in relative perfect health.

Another amazing example of such healing by focused intent is often shared by Gregg Braden in his talks, regarding a woman whose tumor was removed without surgery in minutes, in China. The process was videotaped, so people can see the tumor literally disappear in just three minutes, as the practitioners simply chant a particular saying over and over again. The key isn't the chanting, but that the chanting creates the feeling within both the practitioners and the patient that she is already healed.

That is a key to the power of belief, is feeling that the desired healing has already occurred, and doing so without judgment. “Feeling is the prayer,” a monk in a remote monastery high in the Himalayan mountains in Tibet told Gregg Braden who had journeyed many days to visit and ask his questions regarding their prayers.

This has been demonstrated in an experiment which became known as the International Peace Project for the Middle East, carried out during the Israeli-Lebanon war that began in 1982. Participants were trained to feel peace within their bodies as if it was already present rather than simply think about it or pray for it in the traditional sense of asking for it to happen in the future, and they used a method called Trancendental Meditation to achieve the feeling of inner peace in this particular experiment. On specific days of the month at a particular time the participants would be spread throughout the war torn parts of the Middle East engaged in this practice of feeling peace. The study showed that during the specific times the participants were feeling peace, violence of every type decreased - terrorist activity ceased, while crime, emergency room visits and car accidents decreased. When the participants stopped feeling peace, the results reversed and violence increased. The results were extremely consistent and regardless of the day of the week or the lunar cycle, when the participants were feeling peace then peace was indeed being created.

If this is the reality, that feeling is the prayer, and belief shapes reality; and in a society where most of us live in constant states of feeling stress and fear, anger and judgment, hate and division; then what we are essentially doing is praying for sickness, and crime, poverty and war; and we are getting exactly what we pray for. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly sending prayers out to the universe through our feelings, directed by our thoughts, and the universe is just mirroring back what we are 'asking' for through these patterns of belief.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This is what quantum physics has begun to tell us, that we have the power to change our physical reality simply by changing the way we look at it.

Isn't it about time we start changing the way we view ourselves, the people around us, and our world; and start creating peace and healing instead of perpetuating sickness, war and destruction? If we don't, we may end up completely destroying ourselves, just as we currently appear to be in the process of quickly doing.

The choice is ours, and the knowledge is out there. Peace and healing starts within, one individual at a time. Will we continue down the destructive road we are on as a society? Or will we choose to heal? The choice is ours, each and every one of us.


You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Thank-you! Thank-you! for this extensive explanation of the power of belief and how it can counter the effects of what Big Pharma, the mainstream media and Big Agri have racked on society, giving the power to heal! And Heal the movie, sounds like a documentary well worth taking in - I know I'll be checking it out!
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Great post! I think the power of the mind is huge. Louise Hay helped many men heal from aids in the 80's and 90's and her Book:
Was a huge influence in my healing. I use affirmations frequently and I like to fake it until I make it. I will repeat an affirmation of what I want and repeat it until I began to believe it, feel it, and live it.

Thanks for your detail and depth in the documentary on Netflix, I'll check that out 😀

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