Natural Medicine Challenge: Do I live A Healthy Life to Avoid or Postpone Death....

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Do We Live Healthy Lives to Avoid or Postpone Death?

This is an amazing question that I only think about and no one ever asks me - I personally live a healthy life to avoid SICKNESS caused by the powers that should not be as I perceive them destroying our environment and blaming it on US -

First of all - Fukushima - 8 years ago now? and there has been NO attempt to clean up and still 300000 gallons of contaminated water per day pour into the Pacific Ocean.

Chemtrails, which is now known to cause Morgellon's disease.

Dimming the Sun, the Dark Luciferian's bullshit idea of how to stop the fake Climate Change which along with chemtrails is halting our necessary absorption of Vitamin D and great deficiencies in Vitamin D- necessary for strong immune health.

Pollution - air quality so bad in Denver, CO that it is compared to Bangkok, Thailand.

BPA in plastics that wreak havoc on hormones - bringing back feelings like PMS for me- who has finished menopause.

BHT and other preservatives which agravate irritable bowel syndrome.


The gluten-free deception which is really people's allergy to Glycosyphate soaked wheat.

Fracking and Drilling - long since outmoded energy production methods which pollute our water supply.

Nestle drilling side-ways into our aquafirs to extract our water and sell it back to us.

Plastic in the ocean. Heavy metals found in fish.

5G radiating us like a giant microwave oven and most people just want faster internet.

Extermination of all animals on the planet's surface so we can have caffeine and peanut butter and balsa wood tooth picks and toilet paper.

Level 5 Hurricanes and Bomb Cyclones and Flooding due to competition to control the weather.

No recycling and heavy packaging, even at the health-food level.

This is only a few of the things I face daily, just trying to LIVE simply on this planet today.

So, am I postponing death? I would say, I am just trying to live!! Everything I buy is out to kill me nowadays - and right now for example, I had a car accident 2 weeks ago that put me in the hospital where I have to take poisons into my body just to get well - in the form of medications and food! Unbeliveable.

When I am living, on my own, I mainly eat miso soup with dried organic mushrooms, and salads. I eat no dairy, instead making cashew milk. I eat brazil nuts for my selennium for my hypothyroidism.. I drink at least 48 oz of reverse osmosis water a day. I have replaced my kelp with kale - to stay away from the radiation in the ocean.

I have reduced my caffeine intake to 1 cup per day. I eat rice and beans, tempeh and jackfruit, with pico de gallo for lunch. I drink freshsqueezed lemons with cayenne and maple syrup to start my day and overnight oats for breakfast - that's about it.

If I eat meat, it is locally raised, humainly slaughtered by the rancher. Eggs are hopefully locally collected by a small owner. I do not use dairy products.

When I had a flare up mole this past fall, I did a master cleanse - lemonaid diet for 10 days and then once again started to eat pure clean food.

In addition, I am working with a friend who is a grower, providing me with cannabis ROOTS with which I made a salve and a tincture, to be my preventative that I can take daily to ward off potential contaminations. I use detoxizine Iodine to flush the heavy metals out of my body. I make practically everything from scratch. And all this - JUST TO LIVE. I am not even trying to postpone death - I am merely trying to live without getting sick.

Beepollen, avacados, maple syrup, acidopholus, apples, sprouted bread, organic tortillas, yams, potatoes, are occasional extras I eat - but only organic NON-GMO.

It's Agenda 21's Eugenics agenda at every turn trying to get us into their system so that we have use them as the source of our food - imaging drones pollenation plants instead of bees - nothing would please them more. I feel like I am fighting for my life every day when I attempt to eat a balanced diet of clean food.

In addition to all this, I make sigils for myself, to stay healthy and encourage my body, through my subconsious mind, to be armored against all attacks.

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Absolutely love this response to the question . You are damn right.. survival is a hard task in this crazy world!! Makes me sick just reading your list!!!

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I would say cannabis root is the key preventative along with iodine.

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Uh, this is the first post I'm reading this morning and yep pretty much sums it up! Good on ya for hanging in there and keep working at it...

I chant and ohm and tone in bed before I arise to deal with all the frequency hammering everywhere.

Curious about the iodine to remove heavy metals? I take potassium iodine before swimming in chlorine pool and since FUCKOFFSHIMA.
I find the company Health Force to have great chlorella and vitamineral green, these two powder, even though they lack the fresh enzymes make my body feel a lot better and more energy.

I think the worst of the Agenda 21 is the the 5G roll out... if you do any research on this topic it is literally a war weapon. I keep having dreams of massive amounts of people topplin these things. I have a friend who just laid hard wire on his property to tether his phone about 2 blocks from his house, then he has no wifi and then uses old school phone inside house, he no longer suffers from raging migraines... these frequencies are messing with people especially with anxiety attacks....

Many days I wish for the re-boot by the "Architect" 4D here we come... hopefully the same blood lines won't exist there!!!

Sheez, happy mindful Monday...

thank you for this insightful comment. Being that, at this exact moment, I am in a rehab after this car accident, eating gmo food and taking poisonous medications daily, i am going to have a long road to recovery MYSELF, but the people who work here, and the medical waste, is unfathomable. Every single person who works here is ASLEEP. Maybe there is one person who is on her way to waking, but when she does she will quit her job. Then the medical waste issue which I did not add to this article - and which I don't even want to consider is so vast ... this is ONE little rehab. And I was before in ONE hospital. In Denver, where I live, they self-righteously DO NOT recycle really. It's kind of a joke's on Gaia point-of-view. These are the DEAD, the ZOMBIES- and most of them are wonderful people - but then listen to how they talk - negative talk all day long, about their limitations - all this goes hand in hand with their mistreatment of Gaia - and the source of the mistreatment - the Dark Luciferian psychopaths who are trying to what? a. provide a healthy environment for the grays to come out from underground and live on the planet's surface? b. follow the Georgia guidestones and cull the population? c. kill off all evidence of NTR - God - for generations to come? And we are supposed to live in this - a place where soon private property will be "illegal" - we are to be forced to live in the city and buy fake food that kills us? We are at the end of the 26,500 year cycle int he procession of the equinoxes - and in the Age of Capricorn, new life will most likely be born out of the primordial ooze of the extinct prior - and it will start all over again - one on one- our relationships have to change - to equal respect - the Golden Rule for this thing to take a turn for the better.

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Now that's a heavy duty but very real list. Need to take an almost physical step back. Health for survival is the first half-step. I KNOW you can come to that place soon where health becomes the joy it is meant to be, and enables you to LIVE with ease and lightness.

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Really? where do you live? certainly not in the US? Not in a city - you must be living somewhere where it seems that Gaia is respected and people are awake. If you lived where I live you would know definitively that the people who care are outnumbered by the DEAD. The zombie apocolypse is upon us. People look forward, in droves, to 5G - they care nothing for their own children. They tell themselves the party line and they prefer the thin whisp of delusion to The Truth. Until I move to the country, I will not be able to fool myself into believing that health is simply my right, when 95% of the population is working AGAINST health and FOR their own outer imposed satanic ideology of "me first" - me, my personal preference first - vs love thy brother as thyself.