Do We Live Healthy Lives to Avoid or postpone Death?

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Such an interesting question!

I don't think anyone really fool themselves to think a healthy lifestyle can make us avoid death, but postpone it maybe yes. I think a more plausible thing to avoid or postpone, though, is sickness.

Death is an interesting factor to bring in to life, though.. It's something we all know is a part of life, but most often we don't really know how to relate to it.
I think almost every fear in life can be traced back to a fear of death, or even sometimes, a fear of living. Living and dying sometimes look the same..

So if we live healthy lives to avoid sickness, is that then because the fear of sickness is somehow a fear of dying?
Or is because we simply know that being healthy is being happy?

I think we all look for happiness and we all know that we feel less happy when we are sick.

Sickness is also a sign that something is wrong and out of balance. It simply feels wrong to be sick, and for me it just seems wrong to live an unhealthy life. Sickness is usually a sign that we are unhealthy, either in our diet, our habits, our relationships or our mental health.

So why do we sometimes live unhealthy lives? That is maybe an even bigger question.

Could it be fear of living?

I think diet, habits, mental health and wellbeing are all related, and imbalance in one area, usually affects all areas of live.

I do think that a very unhealthy lifestyle could be associated with fear of living. When we don't dare to take in life to the fullest, with all it's miracles, pains, suffering and ecstatic moments, we slowly kill ourselves with cigarettes, junk food and brain numbing activities. Since we are afraid of death too, it's the fewest of us who dare to end it once and for all, so instead it becomes a middle thing of slowly poisoning ourselves, numbing our senses to the world that scares us.

I think when we start to take care of ourselves, it's a sign that we dare to embrace life and live it to the fullest.

In that way you can say that we live healthy lives to avoid or postpone death - as we dare to live, we don't need death to take us away from life.

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You know, your comment on 'fear of living' really struck home for me. I used to smoke - like, chain smoke roll ups. I think I was trying to supress something bubbling up inside me I didn't know how to control. I now think that was life, as crazy as that sounds - pure joy. I just didn't know how to handle it. Anyway - guess what, will be ordering one of your mugs soon as someone won it as we had 23 entries for this contest!! Wow! Cool huh? Off to buy a pomengranate now... yum...

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Wow, yes, what a powerful realisation! Even joy can be hard to handle!

Yay, how great!

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Oh I like this! Nice logic!
I understand it like this If we live healthily and in the moment, death is not even a thing.
Very nice. Thank you.

What an interesting perspective. I am battling this with my parents and other close relatives and trying to accept that this is their life and their choice and no amount of me yelling or pushing them to make healthier choices is going to make a difference.

so instead it becomes a middle thing of slowly poisoning ourselves, numbing our senses to the world that scares us.

I like what you said, and I am going to ponder it some more. Maybe it is fear and that in itself is so sad.

thank you! Yes it can be hard to see other people making bad choices for themselves, but it the end we only have the power to change ourselves and thereby be an inspiration to others..

I will go with the views : fear of death.
Nice photo you put here, very creative :D

Thank you! I was just looking through my pictures and that one just popped out - I took it in Murcia Spain last year <3

This is a really good aspect to ponder, is the fear of life what makes us make unhealthy choices? The cogs are turning on that one :)

Love it - Dare to Live - Live Life to the Fullest!
Thanks for sharing this perspective with us! It gave me a lift and sent me off living life to the fullest!