Benefits Of Lemon Grass Tea For The Flu Season

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Hey Sunshines,

You may of walked pasted Lemon Grass thinking it was either an ornamental grass or cutting grass, as it could be mistaken for both which the fad of low maintenance ornamental grasses in the last twenty years which have may given the impression that grasses don't have much use.

On the contrary Lemon grass is one of the useful grasses you may want to plant in your garden for it's low maintenance but also for it's health benefits it possesses.
Commonly used in Asian, India and South Africa apparently due to the knowledge of it's health benefits which is used in cooking like soups, stir-fry's, and tea.


Lemon Grass tea with ginger

Looking up what could be done with the leaves as we were told just use the root in cooking and throw away the leaves, that just didn't sound right as some leaves of plants can be used as natural medicine.

We found that it can used as a tea which has multiple health benefits the one that got use pretty much straight away was a batch made up for a sore throat, within two days of taking a cup three times a day it was gone, it was used with another method also in the morning which also helps fight inflammation just like Lemon grass.

It apparently also helps with headaches, sore tummy's, strengthens the immune system which is needed around flu season to have a natural medicine on hand, it's best to find out from a professional how much can be taken and weather it is ok for you or your family to take.

Lemon Grass leaves growing


Lemon Grass roots growing


Lemon Grass leaves trimmed from the bush ready to be cut up using scissors for Lemon Grass tea instead of being apart of the compost heap at this stage.


Lemon Grass leaves cut up with some noobs of ginger waiting for the hot water to be poured on them to infuse into tea.


A steaming hot jug of Lemon Grass tea infusing.

We place a tea towel on top to keep the steam in for the infusion and leave for a while depending if we want a hot tea or a cooled down tea, you may want to add ice cubes also, but that will water it down more also.

The blogs that were used for finding information about Lemongrass where Organic Facts and The Spruce Eats

The photos were taken by biglipsbudgetmama and the content written in my own way.

Have you used Lemon grass or tried it before?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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