Collective Colour Therapy - The Healing Gift of the Yellow Cassia Blooms

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Culturally, Thai people are very switched on to the energy of colour and, traditionally, each day of the week has its own colour.

Yellow for Monday
Pink for Tuesday
Green for Wednesday
Orange for Thursday
Blue for Friday
Purple for Saturday
Red for Sunday

It's considered polite and respectful to wear the 'colour of the day', and it's common to see government officials, shop assistants, students and teachers all sporting polo shirts of the right colour when out at official events.. The day you are born dictates "your colour" (which brings luck, prosperity etc) and thus, the colour of the Monarch in the Kingdom of Thailand matters. The Monarch's colour infers luck and blessing on the whole city, and the country. For more than 60 years, Thailand's beloved (and recently deceased) King Rama IX was celebrated through His birth colour, yellow. For His milestone birthdays over the last decade or two, the City of Chiang Mai planted Cassia Trees, so that it would be awash with a sea of yellow flowers in His honour.

And for a month of two every year, it is.


Cassia fistula. An ornamental Asian wild cinnamon tree. Drought tolerant, elegant, and a complete explosion of yellow when she blooms. And yes, she is also officially the Thai national tree. Locally called Dton Ratchaphruek.

And so the whole city enjoys a therapeutic colour bath, as trees along roadsides, in temples and schools, and even in shopping center carparks erupt into extravagant yellow bloom for 4-5-6 weeks at the end of the dry season.



Driving along today I suddenly FELT the healing wash of yellow over a hot, tired city, in blazing heat and battling the smoke from forest and agricultural fires in the mountains around us. How hot is it this week? Very. Hot. Relentlessly so.

Hot Season.jpg

And so what is this wash of yellow vibrationally adding to our collective health and well being?


Yellow is gifting us with a spirit of fun, lightness and humour while we step more confidently into our power with creativity and logic.

Today I suddenly felt the natural medicine collectively needed by cities and countries, and IMMEDIATELY thought of my beloved Adelaide, in a haze of delicate purple as the jacarandas flower each November.

Feeling privileged to live in a culture and a city that recognizes and understands the importance and healing energy of colour. As I drive around tomorrow in Chiang Mai's intense April heat, I will OPEN my Being to the gift of yellow - to a lighter sense of play and fun, and to the clarity of logic and the joy of bright creativity.

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This is so interesting and Cassia fistula is gorgeous, being surrounded by a sea of yellow is so magnificent, it really is emotionally uplifting.

wow that tree is so beautiful. I had no idea that Thailand were connected to colour this way that they understood the energy attached to each one, I would love to learn more about colour therapy, I have only touched on it in the past, great post, thank you for this xx

Oh, WOW!

Thanks for sharing so beautiful Dton Ratchaphruek: love it!

I also love all the cultural explanation and yellow color itself. In a few days, here in Italy, whole fields of rapeseed will flourish giving us immense yellow colored spaces: I will be happy to share some photos ASAP!


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Wow what a splendid tree! And oh yes.. the jacaranda! Splendid. Xxx

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How beautiful, and what a way to honor and remember a beloved leader.

We are also running our fortnightly competition for steem rewards, where you can explore a plant medicine. This fortnight's plants are mullein, ginseng and alder... Plus a wild card where you can choose your own!

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The yellow cassia is so stunning! It reminds me of the Forsythia that we see here now in early spring with striking yellow contrast to everything else. Thanks for sharing this color therapy!

How exciting that Thai people celebrate a color of the day! How old is this tradition?