Ordo ab Chao: Finding balance in the storm [Now on course to become a naturopathic doctor!]

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I have been mostly absent this year from online presence, though there are those who know where I might be found lurking. Frankly, this has been a reflection of my actions in the world of the physical experiences as well. I've taken quite some time to isolate this year as I focus towards finding the best version of myself within the current defining contexts of life. I quit drinking alcohol at the beginning of the year with plans to stay sober until I can develop a healthy relationship with the compound. For now though, I move forward with grace.

There is much that has occurred since this year has begun, namely that of the change in trajectory for my educational journey. Initially, I was working towards a biochemistry major seeking to finalize with a doctorates degree. After much duress with an incapable instructor for Organic Chemistry (a keystone course for biochemistry), I have now begun the efforts to work towards receiving a doctorates in integrated health studies as a naturopathic doctor (N.D.), studying with the National University of Natural Medicines (NUNM).

Less than ten minutes ago I officially submitted my application to NUNM, including an essay of who I am and why I want to study at this institute. Over 50% of the practicing naturopathic doctors in the United States all have graduated as alumni from NUNM. The university has less than 600 students attending and only began offering a bachelors (this is where I am in my studies, graduating this term with an Associates of Science) level degree in 2016. I am beyond excited to even be a prospective student to this university.

That said, I'll be back in the next...uh... at some point... to further wrap things up with what has been going on in my life and to try and get back into communicating regularly with the community here on Steemit and in real life. Things are going much better for me, and I am feeling genuinely enthralled to be alive - I am happy to be alive for the first time I can ever remember. I will be sharing my application essay below all of this so any interested parties can read.

I look forward to reconnecting with you all in the coming days.

Blessed Be.

solve et coagula oroborus.jpg

The consequences of our actions are not always readily identifiable, but certainly each was sure to bring us to this very moment. My name is Ypyskypo Skwyrl, I was born in the suburbs of Washington D.C. in Virginia, I was raised on the East Coast until I joined the military at 18 years old. My family was fairly conservative in their views while growing up and I was raised relying strictly on the modalities of Western medicine. From a young age I always questioned my surroundings in great detail as I sought to reach a better and more whole understanding of myself and my environment. Philosophy and the Sciences have been the main supportive pillars of my passions since I was a child with many events giving shape to who I am.

I have always excelled in academia. In high school I was studying college level courses in a specialty science program. I was on the path to graduate with a handful of college credits to transfer to a local university and continue my education. Unfortunately, after a series of events at school, I was expelled for a minor incident and lost everything I had worked towards in a moments notice just months before graduation. However, I then attained my GED and joined the military.

I spent four years in the military as a helicopter mechanic, one of those years was spent as a crew chief in South Korea where I was a part of the flight crew for the CH-47D Chinook helicopter. I learned a lot of invaluable lessons and traveled to places I might not have seen otherwise while I was in the Army. I learned what it means to be a part of a team, and what it takes to lead. I was designated to teach the newly arriving soldiers in Korea how to perform some of the more technically advanced maintenance procedures, and how to properly manage the records for each aircraft because of my experience in the flight platoon.

In 2012, after the military, I moved to Portland, Oregon and began my life on the West Coast. Early in 2016, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This was an extremely grounding moment in which I really began to look inward and question my practices in regards to my own health. I found over the years of studies in my personal pursuits that a well-rounded and balanced approach is necessary to all things in that focus should regard the whole without giving too much attention to individual parts. I knew these things and believed them, but it wasn't until being diagnosed as such that I really began practicing my own beliefs.

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I took everything I had learned and began applying it in all aspects of my life. I knew that while there was no cure for what I was experiencing, that my body could still be healthy if I treat it well. I began eating a large variety of whole, organic foods. I refrained from synthetic chemicals as much as possible. I stopped drinking alcohol and began exercising regularly. I continued my studies in herbal medicines through Spagyric practices. I continued with extended periods of meditation. I did everything I could within my power to focus on bringing myself to feel whole again.

Fascinated by Alchemy, I came across several Alchemical texts in 2011. Inspired by these authors, I began to practice different spiritual techniques for several years through a series of meditations. In 2014 I stumbled across the works of Paracelsus and the realm of Spagyrics. I took quickly to the preparation of medicinal tinctures and other extracts with an Alchemical framework. By 2017 I had set up a laboratory to work on herbal extracts to prepare for myself and for friends.

In the fall of 2016, I began my educational career with PCC. Thanks to my service in the military, I am gratefully able to attend college and further my studies as I reach towards my goals. Initially, I had been intending on, and currently am, pursuing a degree as a biochemistry major at Portland State University. However, I was recently made aware of the National University of Natural Medicine. I was previously unaware of NUNM or I would have first applied to this university as it most closely aligns with my core values.

My end goal for my educational trajectory is to complete a doctorates degree, and previously intended to do so with a biochemistry major. However, this major does not give me the full rounded educational experience that I am seeking for the practice of medicine. The biochemistry major also comes from a strictly Western modality, while NUNM practices from a holistic modality which agrees significantly more with my individual principles. I wish to continue my studies beginning at NUNM because I know that I will receive an outstanding education in naturopathic medicine. Studying at NUNM would help me tremendously with continuing my personal journey towards helping others and providing holistic approaches to well-being and health.


PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas, Cat-herder aka Chief Bigstick
High Priest, Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe : Caste of the Pulleiaceus Sun

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So good to read that things are going well mate!!

And (again) congrats on the new academic direction. I think it’s good that you’re bringing your science and alchemy background into the world of natural medicine, we also sorely need these kinds of integrated learnings.


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Thank you very much. I've always had a deep interest with integrating Empirical Science and Alchemy, so this is going to be a huge help in furthering my understandings. Looking forward to this path greatly!

Wooow @alchemage! It's been so long!

. Things are going much better for me, and I am feeling genuinely enthralled to be alive - I am happy to be alive for the first time I can ever remember

Good, not seeing you around made me a little worried, especially since I know of your past troubles... Good thing you are doing ok!

Wait u were in the Military? Did not know that bud!

Well, you are not alone, I'm changing degree this year, after 6 years of being in veterinary medicine and making next to none visible progress, I'm changing to software engineering, I realized after being so fascinated by tech that I was moving towards a life and career I didn't want, I saw no future for me in that career, I had no drive to study at all... I decided to change because it was indeed what was better for me! Even if it is hard now i'm sure that in 10 or 20 years I'll be really really happy!

I wish to continue my studies beginning at NUNM because I know that I will receive an outstanding education in naturopathic medicine.

I'm sure you will love it there at NUNM!


It has been quite some time! It’s nice to hear that I was in your thoughts, didn’t mean to trouble you though. Yes I am doing incredibly well now, ty.

Yup heh far from average veteran material lol

Wow, that’s a huge shift, brother! I’m glad to hear that you’re making a change for the better. Especially since it’s something you feel so passionately about. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!

This year is a major year of change. Let’s ride the waves to success!

Nice to see you back and well! Great move on the course definitely a cracking choice which I think suits you better. 2019 is going to be a powerful year for us all with many revelations. There will be ups and downs but we will learn more truths about ourselves. So far for me it has been inspirational and many around me the tides are turning, Sending reiki vibes and hope for a video soon 💯🐒


Thank you so very much, it is nice to hear from you! Yes, the new educational decision is much more in alignment with who I am as a practitioner, a student, and as a person. 2019 has been incredibly powerful, so many veils have been shed to bring forth new opportunities and a greater sense of well-being. The ups are much higher, and the lows seem like puddles to cross. I'm glad that things are going well for you this year as well! Blessings eternal, @vibeof100monkeys!


Great to hear! Indeed it is and a lot of change is coming. Thing are good for me but I still need some changes and a few not so good things a been brought forth. But we have to move forward and makes the changes in ourselves to bring the life we desire 💯🐒

A superb, courageous and wonderful decision & commitment. "...finding the best version of myself..." mmmm.... LOVE that. Smiling here in Thailand.

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<3 Thank you. It's been a rough path, but things are settling out for now. :)

Best of luck on your journey! alchemage, sounds like an amazing journey your on


This journey has been superb, a full on quest with monsters, magickal items, and a beautiful maiden!

Thanks for being a continued advocate of natural medicines on the blockchain! Love your post so much that we’ve also resteemed it.
We welcome new members in our Discord channel, so if you’re reading this and think you’d like to know more about Natural Medicine, please join us here

So happy you have made the choice to continue your education at the National University of Natural Medicines. Looking forward to hearing more from this new chapter in your life!

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I am happy to be alive for the first time I can ever remember.

That's the best thing I have read on Steemit this year... Love you, my friend, and so happy for you it hurts. I am sooo excited .... you are AMAZING.

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continuing my personal journey towards helping others and providing holistic approaches to well-being and health.

the impeccable logic of good will, that's a beautiful mind, my friend.