Tourism in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, Friday.

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Tourism in Vilnius
The best times to travel to Vilnius
Tourism in Vilnius

The temperature drops in the city of Vilnius during the winter to less than -10 ° C, so we do not recommend you to travel there at this time of year, preferably planning to visit in spring, autumn or even in summer, all be suitable to discover the city.

Vilnius the capital of Lithuania, it's a solid of enjoy the entertainment
Access to the city

The Vilnius International Airport is located about 6 kilometers from Vilnius, and from there you can use the direct train journey takes about 7 minutes from the airport to the center, or use the bus, and if you have any more luggage we recommend you use a taxi, they are not expensive in the city significantly.

Old Town

Not completed your trip when tourism in Vilnius without a visit to the charming old town, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there you can enjoy lots of ways to various entertainment start of registration between a lot of shops and even development among the winding streets and enjoy the architecture, the magnificent Baroque, with trade around the coast of the picturesque and try the local foods appetite one of the fine restaurants.

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Vilnius is a city rich in history

Enjoy the city of Vilnius rich history with many interesting museums, including the Museum of Genocide victims, which documents the sacrifices of the country in order to independence, as well as art museums and different, not to mention a fun visit to Gediminas castle, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the wonderful city through the platform of the observation tower.

The Republic of uzupis

Did you know that there is an independent state, the self-proclaimed within the boundaries of the city of Vilnius? Yes, it is the “Republic of uzupis” which is located near the Old Town, a state has its own Constitution, national anthem, as well as a media official, and you can visit her and learn her habits and local traditions, which are considered by some to be interesting, especially to most people by artists.

Discover Trakai Island Castle

You can during your trip Vilnius visit the island of Trakai, which is located only 30 minutes from the centre of the city, which is famous for its castle, stunning medieval to the side of the watch for its picturesque landscapes.

The food in the city is diverse and wonderful

You will find in Vilnius plenty of places to eat, what means that you will be able to visit a wide range of diverse cuisines that cater to all tastes and choices, including Italian, American, Indian, as well as local food on the menu many restaurants scattered throughout the city.

Easy navigation around the city
Easy to discover the city on foot, and will not have it during the visit, only wearing a pair of comfortable shoes that suit the cobbled streets, and even if I wanted to use public transportation, they are comfortable and inexpensive and around the city well.

Easily communicate with the locals
What increases the splendor of tourism in Vilnius, that its inhabitants speak English, what means the lack of a language barrier when communicating anywhere in the city, which would allow them to easily interact.

Vilnius is one of the safest cities in Europe

The experts in travel and tourism to Vilnius one of the safest cities in Europe, but that doesn't mean not to take necessary precautions to prevent exposure to travel, including not to leave any of your belongings teac without control.


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All the baltic countrys are beautiful! Good post. ;)

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