The best things that you can do in Rome with children

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The best tourist experiences in Rome with children
1 - explore the tunnels of the Colosseum
Rome with children - the Colosseum

Think of this Roman Amphitheatre is the huge Info the most popular attractions in Rome, which offers children an exciting experience under the depths of the arena through a maze of tunnels, corridors and rooms where he was waiting for the gladiators and wild animals before the confrontation rule above, and this area under the earth that allows chebogue, on AAA for the tigers, bears, lions and elephants which were used either in battle or as part of a circus.

2 - learn to be sources of
Rome with children - Museum of the Grupo storico Romano

So little had they heard the elevator communists Romanians here's their chance to learn this ancient skill, where they can wear gloves, tunic and efforts to learn fencing, so during their visit to follow the Grupo storico Romano, which contains artifacts including armor and swords.

For special.. reasons to visit Rome in winter
3 - Watch the puppet show.
Rome with kids - the puppet show.

Spans the history of the Puppet Theatre for centuries in various parts of Europe, and Rome, two different places for the kids to watch these shows one scene of the Teatro marcelino de Paulsen Manila al janiculum, a puppet theatre and traditional outdoor, at the weekend organized presentations for half an hour in the morning and afternoon free, and the other the theatre of San carlino which provides interactive displays with the dolls.


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