Traditional food aceh "kuah pliek u"

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This one traditional food is one of the typical saffron foods from Aceh. His name is Kuah Pliek U.

What is Kyak Pliek U?

Kuah Pliek U is a traditional food of a typical bersantan cuisine from Aceh. this one food at a glance almost similar to the curry is just the contents of vegetables and gravy made of special ingredients. Kuah Pliek U is one of the most famous traditional food in Aceh, especially in the east coast of Aceh. in addition to daily consumption, Kuah Pliek U also often served on certain occasions and become one of the special menu favored by the citizens there.

The Origin of Kli Pliek U

It is said that Kuah Pliek U has become the favorite food of Acehnese people since antiquity. Kuah Pliek U name taken from one of the basic spices in making this food is "Pliek U" or better known as Patarana. Pliek u is the coconut's remaining oil that has been squeezed. in the rural community of Aceh, this coconut oil is usually used as cooking oil called "Minyeuk Reutik". While the rest or the dregs dried and made pliek u. Pliek u is then use the community as the basic ingredients of Kuah Pliek U.

Uniqueness And Privileges Kuah Pliek U

one of the uniqueness of this food is the use of pliek u on the marinade. Use of this pliek u will provide a delicious aroma and give a distinctive taste in the broth. In addition, the materials used in Kuah Pliek U is also a variety of vegetables vary widely. vitamin and nutrient content in the ingredients Kuah Pliek U is believed to increase the passion and immunity, so good for health.

Processing And Presentation Of Pliek Sauce U

Pliek U sauce is made from the main ingredients such as young jackfruit, young papaya, melinjo leaves, long beans, peanuts, melinjo fruit and pliek u. In addition there are also some ingredients such as bamboo shoots, papaya leaves, cassava leaves, small shrimp and others. while for the spice used usually consists of coriander, chili, onion, garlic, and other spices.

In the process of processing, the spice is smoothed first. while hard-textured materials such as melinjo and peanuts should be boiled first until tender. Once everything is ready, spices and vegetables are mixed and stirred until evenly distributed. then the ingredients that have been mixed with the spice was inserted into the belang (wok), then given coconut milk and boiled until cooked. Pliek U fruit is usually served along with warm rice. For additional menu is usually also eaten with salted fish.

Taste of Kuah Pliek U

Pliek U sauce has a distinctive taste. The savory sauce combined with fresh vegetables makes this one more delicious food. In addition to the delicious aroma is very intriguing taste and make us want to add.

Culinary Kuah Pliek U

Pliek U sauce is one of the most famous traditional food in Aceh, especially in the east coast of Aceh. These foods not only become the daily food of the people there, but also often served on certain occasions. in addition there are also many food stalls or restaurants that provide Kuah Pliek U menu, so for those of you who visit or travel there can easily find it.

The introduction of "Kuah Pliek U Traditional Food From Aceh". hopefully useful and increase your knowledge about traditional culinary in Indonesia.

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