Announcing NaturalProducts.Today, launched on Steem-Engine

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NaturalProducts.Today is a new community site focused on natural products and healthy lifestyle.

Launching the community

If you're interests lie in natural products, dietary supplements, natural health & sports nutrition, functional foods/beverages, probiotics, and natural personal/home care, even pet foods, to name a few, then you belong here is a Steem based Community and Tribe with it's own utility token and distribution called NATURAL (NATRL). The Natural token is built on top of the Steem blockchain as a Smart Contract Organizational Token (SCOT). NATURAL is available on Steem-Engine for you to buy and stake.

That being said you can log onto the site and start creating content using your Steem account or you can use the recommended Steem KeyChain. Start earning NATRL today under the #naturalproducts tag.

When should you use the #naturalproducts tag?

We are providing a social media platform that will allow content creators to focus on the #naturalproducts world. We encourage engagement, scientific perspective, product feedback, and inputs on subjects relating to health and the health of the planet such as, regenerative agriculture and sustainability.

We encourage value-based postings on subjects and projects such as:

  • regenerative agriculture,
  • transparency, sustainability,
  • clean label,
  • fair trade,
  • dietary supplements,
  • healthy foods and beverages,
  • healthy/clean beauty,
  • nutrition personalization,
  • sports nutrition,
  • the microbiome,
  • ‘free-from’ foods,
  • functional foods
  • health product regulation
  • vitamins,
  • minerals,
  • botanicals,
  • health ingredients such as turmeric, probiotics, collagen, and herbs, omega-3's,
  • pet foods,
  • natural personal/home care.

We are here to provide a space for you to gather, communicate and enjoy. So start posting! Let's see that great content.

What we don't want to see

That's a lot and it comes with a caveat. If you are referencing products, your post must not make illegal or unsubstantiated product claims. If referencing published research, you must provide a link or citation.

The Airdrop

The token is NATRL and listed on the Steem Engine market.

We are airdropping around 750,000 NATRL tokens to the Steem community. There will be a total of 5 airdrops, roughly 2 weeks apart. The first airdrop was primarily tied to staked PAL tokens, memberships in communities and delegators to those communities.

We are in the process of dropping 104,700 tokens to 698 users.

If we missed you and you are in the #naturalproducts field and interested in posting on, let us know - we'll gladly add you.

The remaining tokens will be airdropped to users that have staked their NATRL tokens, new team members, curators, and recent curated content.

Initial Supply distribution

There will be an initial supply of NATRL tokens distributed to maintain the community. 8,750,000 tokens will be set out as follows:

Air Drop: 750,000 NATRL
Anti-Abuse: 1,000,000 NATRL
Team: 2,250,000 NATRL
Community Bounties: 5,000,000 NATRL

We will allocate 1,000,000 NATRL to the account @nonatrl4u that will be immediately powered up. It will be used for abuse prevention. These tokens wil never be sold and if the stake is no longer required they will be burned.

The Natural team has a pool of 2,250,000 NATRL tokens. These will be used for curators and team members. A portion, 50,000 NATRL will be used to stake the @naturalcuration account for content curation.

We will provide NATRL tokens to @naturalbounties for contest rewards, engagement incentives, and prizes. We intend to run many contests through community sponsorship and collaboration. There will be many ways to earn NATRL tokens through contests and engagement.

Ways to earn NATRL tokens?

Easy, use the NaturalProducts.Today front end or you can use whatever interface you like. Just remember to use the tag #natrualproducts for the potential to earn NATRL token rewards.

We will be looking to add the Steempeak integration shortly. Be sure to follow @naturalproducts for updates.

The Ugly - Abuse

We will respond to abuse swiftly, firmly and with finality. We have powered the account @noNATRL4u with 1,000,000 NATRL tokens.

We will only ever use this account in extreme circumstances in order to remove content from NATRL rewards impacting the community in a negative manner. That is; using improper tagging, plagiarizes content, rude and obscene content or is partaking in personal harassment. If it is impacting the community in negative manner we will respond with zero tolerance. If you see abuse, tag @nonatrl4u in a comment on the offending post.

Reward Pool

We've set the reward distribution to the favor of the content creator. It will stay like that for awhile and may change. The rewards are set at an exponent author curve of 1.1. The rewards will payout at 60% to authors and 40% to the curators.

The reward pool will spin off approximately 2,628,000 NATRL tokens within the first year.

Payouts are the same as Steem and will occur after 7 days.

You also have the ability downvote at 100%, once a day, without impacting your upvote.

NaturalProducts.Today Team

NaturalProducts.Today is a community managed by @lmon and @jasonbu. You will see us running around, posting content, helping members, seeking out new curators and unique content creators.

We hope you enjoy the site and start contributing to the community. Remember to tag with #naturalproducts to start earning those rewards.


The NATRL token is a utility token specific to the NaturalProducts.Today site (based on Steem) used for curation, rewards, and contest promotion. The token price is market driven and may never have any value.



Whoo hoo. One of the most important natural ingredients @coff33a - You can never get enough COFFEEA.

Thanks! Oh, reminds me... witness votes - on it! ;-)

Remember everyone be sure to vote for witnesses - you get 30 votes. Fill them up.

I'll vote if I'm promised to be served one cuppa of hot black coffee every morning ;p

more like a platform for the homesteading bloggers
welcome to the chain @naturalproducts, got the airdrop

Thanks, @camzy, there are a couple of great communities out there for homesteading for sure, if we get some cross-posts that would be great for all. We're hoping to target the categories that we've listed as tags on the left-hand side. Hopefully, that will help to differentiate a little. Thanks for dropping by.

best of lucks
will invite some of my friends that are interested in your field :-)

Congratulations on the new token
Are permaculture, ecology and agriculture allowed to use the #naturalproducts tag?

@acostaeladio, Thanks! yes, absolutely, we consider them included. I've been working on a few projects in sustainability in agriculture specifically, and permaculture and ecology absolutely fit our scope, mission and tribe. In fact, we'll be adding a permaculture tag shortly.

Hey @lmon and @acostaeladio! Permaculture has been added to the tag list. When you write your post be sure to tag it with #naturalproducts and #permaculture! Looking forward to your upcoming pots!

I am a fan and a user natural products. For example I boiled guava leaves to cure diarrhea. While lagundi to relieve cough. All coming directly for my garden.

Good platform. Just got your airdrop.

WOW, congrats! :)

Whooa, another great tribe for me as a natural food recipe writer.

There is a link for Discord Channel?

Hey there, thanks for your support.

We can't wait to see some of those great recipes. Hopefully, you can let us know what the ingredients do for us from a nutrition standpoint.

We made a conscious decision to not have a discord server and focus the energies at being on the site and in the comments. That may change in the future but we wanted to keep the conversations here, in the posts and on the sites. We'll see how it goes. :-)

It is interesting to see how tribes arrive for each specific niche, I hope you succeed.

Do you have a discord channels? Greetings!

Thanks for stopping by! And for the best wishes.

We made a conscious decision to not have a discord server and focus the energies at being on the site and in the comments. That may change in the future but we wanted to keep the conversations here, in the posts and on the sites. We'll see how it goes. :-)

Great, it's a good idea.

My best wishes to the project

Looking forward to interacting with your community.....

Fantastic. We've added you to the airdrop. We are just sorting out a few things with it at the moment and hope to have it underway again. Glad to have you along.

Thanks, happy to be here.

Happy to see this new initiative! This is a great topic with the opportunity for lots of interesting information. Very exciting!

We're glad you're are here! Thanks for the support! We're all pretty excited too!

I had 150 of these in my wallet so I came over to check it out.

Thanks for dropping by. As you can see we are just opening the door and getting things set up. If you stake them you'll be eligible for more down the road.

I staked Pal,but I did not get your NATRL from airdrop.Would u pls send some to me,thanks!

For sure, we know we missed a few. We've sent you some. Hopefully, you'll stake them too! :-)

Hi there. I have staked PAL tokens but delegated elsewhere and didn't get your airdrop. Will the people who delegated their PAL also get your airdrops in the next round?

Hi @travelgirl, we probably missed a few, for sure - our apologies. It all depended on when we grabbed the list and when they were staked/delegated. We just sent you some. Thanks for your support. Hopefully, we see some posts on natural products in your travels.

Hi, I like this! I am currently doing a series entitled: Health and Beauty, I collect varied information about the benefits of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants. and of course, in the end I put the reference. Could you tell me if you qualify to use the #naturalproducts tag
Yesterday I published delivery # 32:

Hey @blessed-girl! Heck yes, that's a great post. Perfectly targeted for the tag. Add the #naturalproducts tag and the subtags #personalcare or #cleanbeauty.

If we missed you and you are in the #naturalproducts field and interested in posting on, let us know - we'll gladly add you.

and you have to add me?

Ok, thank you very much :)

Happy Day!

This community looks cool. Looking forward to read educative and inspiring content here.


  1. Do you count weed as natural product?
  2. I don't see keeping pets as natural (for pets). So same goes with pet food!

Hi @xyzashu, really depends on the "weed" topic. Weed topics from a cultural aspect are most likely more appropriate with a site like WeedCash. If you are posting about CDB or THC research or products related to using CBD oils etc then please feel free to add in the #naturalproducts and #cbd and/or #hemp. But also #weedcash, cross pollination is the best thing in nature and Steem :-)

Thanks for clarifying!

And what about this airdrop thing tied to PAL. I mean, I had staked PAL since the day one of its airdrop as far as I could remember but I didn't get any NATRL as airdrop!
Anyway, I bought some today from the market. But more the merrier. :)

Sounds like STEEM is growing to cover every niche market, and its good to see that. I am myself getting into "nutrition personalization" and "dietary supplements", guess the tribe can prove to be very useful to me and everyone similar.

However, was I missed for the airdrop? I would some fresh NATURAL tokens!

Welcome and let's grow the community of natural products on STEEM! :)

Awesome! Welcome. That's exactly what we are looking for. @lmon is very much into 'nutrition personalization' especially when it comes to nutrigenomics. It's a growing field and crosses over to the mircobiome as well... We are all unique and respond to supplements and nutrition differently.

Check your steem-engine wallet in about 12 hours we'll be sending out some more at that point. Also follow us to be sure you see how to partake in the remaining drops.

Looking forward to seeing some personalization posts!

I think, now a days, natural products are of interest to most of the people, reasons are quite obvious, in which at number one is, definitely good health. So, a tribe on Steem for this very purpose is and should be welcomed

I would love to share whatever little knowledge I have in this regard.

I have shared this post on discord, and, have I missed or you haven't share the link to your discord server. Discord server would be a convenience for the Steemians for their related queries, at least during the initial phase.

Wish you success and a nice day.

Hi and thanks. Really appreciate your support. We're looking forward to your posts and we agree. Combining a healthy lifestyle and using natural products can only help.

We made a conscious decision to not have a discord server and focus the energies at being on the site and in the comments. That may change in the future but we wanted to keep the conversations here, in the posts and on the sites. We'll see how it goes. :-)

It looks like you all are ready to go!! I am looking forward to reading all the information about living a healthier lifestyle.

I just staked 407 tokens but I wasn't included in the airdrop. Is it still possible to be included?


Fantastic! Thanks for the support. We'll send you a few more in about 12 hours. Be sure to follow us to see how to participate in the future drops. Hint, it's in your name ;-)

Well that would mean it's either 'GAME' or 'TOKEN' and I'm getting a migraine trying to figure out which one!


BTW, I just increased my purchase to 557 staked NATRL :)

Nice! Sorry to have caused you a headache. We have a NATRL solution for it :-) Check your Steem-engine wallet now!

As a nature love, I am really very happy to see the great announcement. Let's make our journey with the blockchain with naturally. Most Welcome to the Blockchain.

I am also got something and happily stake them.

Fantastic! Thanks for your support. Ha, we'll have to think of a tag line with Blockchain in it for our journey together...

Blockchain Naturally
Running on the Blockchain Naturally

:-) mmm... we'll have to come back to that.

Looking forward to your comments and posts!

Definitely, I am really very interested to work with you and I will share my thoughts/experience with some blog/vlogs with your tag.

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I have written some contents relating to natural products in the past few weeks. I didnt get the airdrop though, as a Botanist, natural product tribe seems like a home for me and I will be here for a very long term.

I am also a pal staker even though I delegated my stake to another account. I look forward to getting these airdrops and even before them. I might buy some in the market.

Great. Check your wallet on Steem-engine. We just sent you some to stake. Hope to see you around interacting on the site!, interested
Looking forward to interacting with your community.....

That's great. Thanks for your support. Be sure to follow us to find out how to partake in our future airdrops. Looking forward to your involvement in the community.

Saw you guys Hunted on @steemhunt that should bring some extra attention too: I have 840.835 PAL staked. But I don't have any airdropped Tokens on my wallet. Are there additional requirements. Either way great to see more communities growing. I'll just buy few tokens on the market :-)

Best of Luck!

Hey @vimukthi, for sure. I would expect a few eyeballs from there with that post. Thanks. We're sorry we missed you and thanks for letting us know. We've sent you a few to stake.

Yes I got the tokens and staked them immediately. Thank you and best of luck!

Thank you so much for the airdrop. I liked the concept behind it and will surely buy more than airdrop. I just placed the order.

That's awesome! Thanks for the support. Lets all work together to make this an awesome resource and community for those interested in Natural Products!

Hi, i have staked pal but didn't get the natrl token airdrop

Sorry we missed you. We've sent you a few NATRL to stake. Looking forward to you interacting on the site.

Congrats on your launch! Looking forward to being a part of the community!

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You bet... check your wallet on Steem-engine for the airdrop. Hope to see you around interacting!

Hooray! Staked. Thank you!

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The great project indeed, i will look forward to interacting with this community keep it up.

Being a pal Stakeholder i didn't receive your airdrop

Hey, thanks for the support e just sent you a few tokens to stake. Look forward to your interaction on the site!

Am so glad for this initiative, just what am made for.

A friend of mine that notified me knows that's my area of profession.

More inspirations and strenght to make this a success.

Great! Thanks for stopping buy we've sent you some NATRL for your interaction. We hope to see more from you in the future.

Got my tokens :) good luck with the project.

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Hi, it looks like a nice project. I did not get NATRL token airdrops event though I am staking PAL.
Thank you.

Hi, We're sorry we missed you. We've sent you some NATRL tokens. Thanks for your support.

I got my share. Staking it tomorrow.

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I drink a lot of soda so I don’t think I’m healthy 😂😂😂😂

Well, there's always a reason to get into a healthy lifestyle. Hope you don't drink too much soda :-) - Best wishes! Hope we see you around interacting on the site.

is the tag #natrualproducts or #naturalproducts ?? Thats a bit confusing given it was quoted as #natrualproducts in the post, which looks like a mispelling, and used both ways in the actual tags.

this is a good news for natural product lovers like me.
but I did not get NATRL token airdrops event though I am staking PAL.

Hey there @floridasnail, looks like we missed a few. We're glad you connected with us to let us know. Great to hear that you are a Natural Product lover too. We've sent you a few NATRL tokens.

sweet, this looks awesome. first real tribe i've been really glad to see that could have some real world value for newbies to crypto and blockchains! i'd love some airdrop and can see myself using the site at some point.

Hey @teamhumble, thanks for the awesome comment. We're sorry we missed you and have sent you a few NATRL to stake. We'd love to see some great content from you around natural products! Welcome and best wishes.

awesome! thanks. i'll be over there!

Good platform. Let's get better

This is great.
I wish you good luck.

happy to see another addition !:)

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hi there how do i know if i have been added
im on palnet and steemit and dont know how i go about being on your front end also if that is the right terminology im supposed to be using lol
any advice would be greatly appreciated
i know quite a bit about health and cures so i will want to post some articles with you guys to save people money and to also save them from open heart surgery if i can get on there and post some things that are proven scientifically
cheers and this is great what you guys are doing and have a great day