Nasa finds 7 Exoplanets All in The Goldilock Zone

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So if any of you are not aware, Nasa had a big reveal on the 22nd Feb (I'm late i know)

But for those of you that are unaware, Nasa released an incredible discovery.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has found a small dwarf sun not far from our own solar system, only 40 light years away( which is quite close in space terms) That has 7 rock planets around the same size of our own planet.

The Suns name is Trappist-1 and the planets have been given the names a through h ( I guess Nasa scientists aren't creative)


Thats not the most important part

Because the sun is so much smaller than our sun ( About 10 times the size) all 7 of these planets fall within the goldilocks region of their solar system

What is the Goldilocks region?

Well this means that the planets fall in an area where it is the right temperature that water can be found in its liquid state. Whats so important about water being found in its liquid state? Well it is know that liquid water is essential for all life. So we could see the Goldilocks zone to be a zone habitable by life forms.

Nasa is launching a new satellite"The James Webb Telescope" In 2018, this telescope will be able to give us a closer look at the Trappist system and hopefully find new and exciting things from it.

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