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Three years ago, the US space agency NASA had sent a telescope named Kepler in search of new planets in search of an unknown world outside the Earth. After two years of hard work, the scientists got the pictures that are being said to be the most excited to this day. The planet is going to be found, which is two and a half times bigger than the Earth. The temperature around 22 degrees ie that water will not be eaten nor will it cuddle. Day will be happy like any day of the spring. His position is such that where there is a complete possibility of being water i.e. that planet has all the properties, which are in the earth and on the basis of which life can be imagined. The name of the planet named Kepler has been named, Kepler-22b.

Geoff Marci, of the University of California, who made a major contribution to home-grown planets, says, "This will be a great discovery of human history." This explanation tells us we can find Homospecies (man's biological name) outside the Earth Are looking for and have reached such a place that is reminding us of our home. "The new planet has revolutionized its main star in the same way as the Earth Does the Ry. Its star looks as big as the sun. It takes approximately 290 days to take Earth almost 10 months to revolve Kepler-22b. Just the size of this planet is a bit bigger. It is about 2.4 times bigger than the Earth. Yet it is smaller in size than other planets found in our solar system and there is a possibility of water being available here. The planet can be made of water and stones, and its texture is being said to be between Earth and gas and Neptune planets made of fluid.

"We can not talk more about the planet between the Earth and Neptune planets, because of this planet in our solar system," says Natalie Talleah, deputy head of NASA's Kepler campaign, excited by this discovery, the Astronomer of San Jose State University and NASA's Kepler campaign. We can not say where the water will be, where will the stone be, and in which areas will the snow be stored. Rei do not come together, then will not tell you anything. "But the information collected will not be so easy. This planet is 600 light years away from our solar system. It takes an estimated 10,000 billion years to cover the distance of a light year. That is, the current fastest flying spacecraft Kepler-B22 will be worth millions of years to reach. Even though it may seem impossible at the present time, science has been witnessing wonderful inventions, and when the inventions of which inventions open, no one can say.

After the extremely complex process, Kepler came to know about this planet in the Goldilocks zone. This telescope traces only those planets that are ringing their stars. Before reaching the conclusions, three rounds of that planet must be fulfilled i.e. three occasions should come as it went through the front of its main planet. This search should be given consent of three different places. A study of 2326 planets was conducted in Kepler's research, in which 10 planets emerged, which are earth-shaped and circled around their stars. A Kappler flight brought scientists to the twin planets of the Earth. Now the second flight of Kalpana can also take them off to that surface.

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The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.

- Albert Einstein

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