Livestream of the NanoCheeZe Crypto Token in action being mined....and the MEQUAVIS GUI!

in nanocheeze •  last year

Well, it's finally starting to come together into a coherent piece of software that might be starting to resemble something that makes some sense :)

I'll be gone for a few days starting... now! so I will leave this stream up for people to watch the mining :P and the wheels of the multiverse churn!

If you haven't figured it out yet, the spinning wheels of the MEQUAVIS represent different genesis blocks of the NanoCheeZe block chain.. So there is going to be a multiverse of NanoCheeZe...

Anyone will be able to go in and select an empty universe and genesis mine it, name it, and launch their coin!

Basically create you own virtual coin... :P yah :D really...
(Genesis mining a universe won't be trivial though)


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I love the aesthetic of the coin and the GUI, and I'm excited to see what comes out of it. The whole "esoteric/galactic" motif gives this coin a lot of appeal I feel


Interesting stuff! Thanks for joining the curation trail, did you put your settings to around 80%? That way you can actually get some of the curation and votes in. As soon as I start seeing the votes you will get your share and upvotes for life in Steem basic income.


well, it's finally started coming together a coherent software that may start resembles something that make some sense :) I would go for a few days start ... now! so I will leave this stream for people watching mining: P and wheel the multiverse churn, I like it @nanocheeze

together create virtual coin.

This looks very interesting, don't know much about mining, but there's always time to learn. Congrats on starting this, will keep checking.

How interesting ! Never thought about that. I have to get deeper into that in order to understand what lies beyond the process of creating one's own coin. But nanocheeze coin is about that I guess.


1 genesis block
2 Magic numbers (4, 4 digit hex values the encrypt the chain)
3 port number (optional, which is fairly trivial since you can change ports manually)
4 change the starting address of chains addresses....(optional again)

in essence only 1 needs to be done, but 2 is useful.... 3 and 4 not needed...
There are of course other optional changes, coins per block, staking values, max number of coins, etc...
It's fairly trivial to create a new genesis block if you set it up right...
basically it if you configure things correctly to change those values as needed... Which is what the MEQUAVSI GUI will do for you... kinda :)


oh and of course use checkpoints to identify which chain belongs to which universe if they do use the same values :P


Thanks a lot ! I will have to focus on that and study it closely. It looks interesting but you have to get into it fully to understand it I guess.

I'm looking forward to this event! create my own digital coin, that's something hard to imagine for ordinary people, right?

This crazy project :) . Everyone will have their own currency. I am waiting for information.

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The logo of the triangle recalls me with the illuminati


pfft :P

I'll be gone for several days, but I will leave this stream up and running...

I am terrible with youtube and getting followers and subs/likes.

So, I will put this challenge out there. If someone out there that can do it, can flood my youtube channel up with subs/views I'll make sure you get a pile of NanoCheeZe at launch :P I'll prolly get motivated to make some better videos too haha :)

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Thanks for sharing

looking forward to more ... email newsletter updates available ?

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I just post on Steemit for the most part :P Until we pick up more speed and release more official software... But check out bitnation and another project coming soon called the Exocortex... We are getting involved with both of them.. Bitnation is partially online now...


bitnation ... i just checked it on wikipedia ... every time i flip a page or peek under a stone i find a new chunk of the multiverse i missed ... i can't say im really actively devouring information lately, i tend more towards the "if its big enough it will reach me anyway"-theory ... i feel the info-singularity is upon us already ... the omega point has been reached, there's too much to digest

first time i hear of this and its up since 2014 8-d
... looks like some great utopian anarchy there ... i like to say anarchy is not disorder but rather the lack of the need to be governed ...
and also ofcourse crowdsourced government as per agreement, not enforcement ... i'm afraid 90% or more of the sapients cant handle this yet though, thanks for pointing it out i'm gonna read up on it



Trust me, I am having the same experience. As of lately it feels like a whole slue of multiple Earth's with different AI projects got slammed into one mixed universe and here we all are with a ton of different up and running projects. It's quite intense.... You would die if you heard the story of how I discovered Bitnation myself. It was quite ironic, and I am sure I will blog about it one day soon :P I can barely keep up with the projects I want to yet alone all these new ones.. I get it. But it is also why we need a MEQUAVIS... This shit needs to be contained!! or at least as much of it as we can...


well, you got my vote , for what it's worth ... i havent been marketeering i just try to find out the cutting edge and missing bits and pieces and so far it seems every now and then i stumble upon something worth following.
im looking forward to more :)

i think i'll be looking for an interface for steemit that lets me organize people in circles or venn-diagrams b/c once you get to a few 100 its hard for someone like me who sucks at names


significant & breathtaking!

Mind Blowing stuff & significant!

encouraging & embracing!

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