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I used to write poetry in school and often used pseudonyms until then, when I was little, I found my name, Henry, because when I entered primary school, my name was replaced by the current name. Henriqua's name is the abbreviation of my mother's and father's name.

I get inspiration from my mother who always gives me love. Although I often argue with him, I'm proud of my father who always protects me and supports me. But that makes sense, because at that time I was still unstable and I was looking for my experiences.

Henry's name has been added to me for over 22 years. Even my school friends know me better than the full name, Henriqua. If you have school-mates who say exactly my name, they will definitely add the name of Henry to facilitate the recollection of another friend of your friends.

I'm so comfortable for Henriqua by now. And in all of my social accounts, I will definitely take the name Henriqua as my name.

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