Graphics to promote Nakamoto's Den Summit 2019

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This time I bring another graphics kit for the promotion of the Nakamoto's Den Summit where you will have important speakers from the Blockchain world.

Nakamoto's Den

This year the Nakamotos Summit will host a group of speakers on February 19th and 20th, where they will compete for the most essential characteristics of their projects. The event will take place at Carob Mill Venue, Limassol Cyprus. Do not miss this opportunity to attend this event that will feature a welcome cocktail and gala dinner.

Graphic 1


Graphic 2

nakamotos conference 4.png

Graphic 3

nakamotos den.jpg

Graphic 4

nakamotos conference2.jpg

Graphic 5

nakamotos conference blockchain4.png

Graphic 6

nakamotos conference blockchain5.png

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These are very nice graphics.

Thanks bro! In my previous post I also have other graphics.