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Life without risks is nothing, sometimes it's worth taking. If you have to go, then just go. Don't wait for it, take a risk. Don't always play it safe, be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while.


Something similar happened to me and my friend last month. It was a weekend bike trip to the Devbhoomi (Uttarakhand). Everything was going superb and on the last evening of our trip we were just enjoying our boat ride in Nainital and there we saw some clouds building up and also the wind was getting a bit high, it happens there mostly as it's a mountain area so we just ignore it and went further to meet his relatives, who lives in the same city. He was busy in meeting them and i was enjoying the surroundings, suddenly the weather starts changing with some fast winds and huge sound of clouds which later turns out in sleet rain. It was around 18.30 when it start raining and it was going on and on.


We were having some tea and snacks and there his uncle told us that today in the news there is a big warning of thunderstorms and heavy rain in the entire region including some near by states (Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR etc.) for tonight and next day but we have to leave at any cost as next day we both have to join our work, no matter what so we start discussing with each other that how we can leave in such condition, as we weren't carrying the raincoats so we decided to wait for few hours with the hope that the rain will stop later on but Mother Nature wasn't in mood that day and the time was just flying by. His relatives weren't in our favor to leave that night as it was very risky due to the heavy rain, slippery way, whole night drive and also the danger of landslide enroute as it's a mountain drive till Haldwani, which was around 30 kms from there. Atlast we decided to wait for an hour more and at around 22.00 hrs, we say good night to them and went outside to one last open tea shop, where we parked our bike. We were having tea's and there we met couple of taxi drivers who were on their way back to home and stop enroute for some refreshment. Even they denied us also for the same while saying that it is raining hard everywhere and it is very risky to drive out in such condition, we said okay we will see and at sharp 23.00 hrs, finally we left that shop with all the no's of everyone🙏


Our journey of Delhi from there was around 300 kms. Just before a minute we left from there, i went outside for one pray to my Mother Nature that, "You have given me a lot to see in this life and i am really very grateful to you for your endless beauties and lifetime memories. Just do one more favor for me today that, please stop it finally now as we are going to take a big risk of our life to drive out in such condition now as we can't leave our work." and finally she listened my prayer just after few kms of drive, the rain stops☺️😍😘 and there wasn't any rain further on till Delhi and i was just thanking her for all this.


The thrill is not over yet as the last half of the journey is still left to share😁😀
Yes, the rain has stopped finally but the weather gets quite cold and as we were on bike it gets more windy. There were a lot of tree leaves on road which makes the drive more difficult as the road was fully wet and sometimes it gets slippery.

Another danger was disturbing us since we left and that was of "Leopard".. Yes you heard right. When we were talking to his relatives, they told us about one wild leopard near to their house and area. It wasn't a rumour as that leopard take their dog away few days ago so it was in our mind also that what if some wild animal will come in front of us ?? And most of the time i was pulling his legs while saying the same, that hey be careful, I just heard some voice of wild animals and he was like where where😅😆 But atlast we reached the Haldwani and here the mountain road gets end. It takes around 45 mins to reach here and there we take a big sigh of relief as we have crossed the most difficult terrain of the journey🤗😊

We stopped for 5 minutes to change the seat and to give rest to our ass's (which were paining like a hell)🤣😆 and at 00.00 hrs we left to continue our journey. We were just going through and was about to reach Rampur but before that we have to cross one forest area enroute, that was one more difficulty in our way as there is a big possibility of wild animals to come on road as mostly they came out in night. Our speedometre wasn't less then 80km till we reach to the National Highway. It was around 02.30 hrs, when we reached Moradabad and there we both start feeling sleepy as we didn't take the require sleep in this journey. But still we continue or journey and kept riding the bike while changing the seat after every 40-50 kms (Keeping the relief factor of our ass's😉😁)

When we've reached the half way(03.30 hrs), we decided to take some refreshment as we were pretty much sleepy but we decided to take a break at the same restaurant where we stop while coming from Delhi, which means another 40-50 kms of drive.. There he gave up due to the tiredness and sit at one corner of the road for few minutes, before that he starts walking on road also so that he can get rid of sleep and tiredness😆 And there we continue our ride again and at around 04.45, we were at our desired restaurant and straight away his heads were down for couple of mins😑😴 Later on, we had our refreshments and there we were full of energy, specially him (No complaints, fully awake with a big smile☺️😋😎)

At sharp 05.15, we left for Delhi which was around 100 kms from there (Till my home) and i covered the first 60 kms in 1 hour (Almost at a car's speed) and remaining 40 kms was by him. We set our target to reach the Delhi by max 08.00 or 09.00 so that it will be easy to go for the work further on specially for me as i have to travel once again for 2 days due to work trip but we were there by 07.00 finally😊☺️ We hug eachother and left for our further work with sleepy eyes🙄

And yes the news of thunderstorms and rain was right too as when we enter in the territory of Delhi, we saw some broken trees and a lot of dust everywhere but luckily it wasn't in our way that night☺️

We have been to many trips together including one bike trip, which we did in last october (Delhi-Chopta-Delhi), where we drove for 1000 kms in 3 days including a trek of Chopta-Chandrashila Peak but this trip was something which just left us with a big memory to remember, the thrill and the adventure part which we had experienced in this journey was something which we never think before and off course which we will never forget😍

A big super thank you to Mother Nature....... She never betray the heart that loved her <3 and off course a big cheers to both of us🥂🍻🤗😎

Date of Travel - May 13th 2018
Location - Nainital - Delhi
Total distance covered - 800 kms (Gurgaon-Nainital-Delhi-Gurgaon).

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awesome bro nainitaal bhut bhadiya place hai visit k liye