my pikin papa wan kill me make una help.

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Una gud morning my country pipo how una dey I hope say things dey go well for una side make we continue dey pray for we country o because things dey happen.

Today na another tori naijapidgin bring come for una and na issue of pikin papa(baby daddy)
Na one babe wey her name be achoakwa Jane egobunma na im come out for Facebook dey cry for help say her pikin papa wan kill her the guy name na Michael ugwuezi nwankwo she say if anything happen to her make dem hold the guy.

According to her story she say they don dey date since 2012 when she still dey school say the guy tell her of him plans to travel out and e say if them marry na there dem go base the guy lie say him dey work for Babcock university but she later find out say na lie she forgive am and later 2015 wen she don dey work the guy dey disturb her for money to travel out she dey give am con even sell her properties join after some time he engage her na so one night the guy papa call her for phone dey tell her to leave him son if she want peace she tell Michael e say make she no worry say na play the broda too start dey threaten her she con run from michael.

After some time she discover say belle don enter she con call Michael tell am e com carry her go him place register her for antenatal one day she no dey fine doctor con tell her to buy paracetamol Michael con go buy another drug say doctor say make she drink am after she drink am she start to bleed he rush her go hospital wen e don already pay the doctor to flush the belle Jane con beg the doctor say she go double the money wey Michael pay am so the two of them con lie to Michael say she loose her womb

Jane con run from.Michael make e for no find out the truth den the guy dey send her money weekly to compensate her womb wen she say she loose after 7months wen she don born Michael con kidnap the pikin she report to police dem arrest Michael after sometime dem bail am different people start to threaten her again and she say she no wan get anything to do with the guy again abeg my pipo how una see this mata wetin una advice her to do.

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Lolzzz 😂😂😂

Why you dey laff

Na wa. Na this one make wey Dem dey talk say make we open eyes choose well before we friend anybody. Human beings nowadays dey do wetin dey break person heart. You give woman Belle come want force am do abortion later you kidnap pikin on top. Make she go police station go report o because her life fit dey in danger.

Na true talk o my sister the matter strong make she just go police station go report wa o

This one na garri pass water, no bi water pass garri.
I no even know wetin to talk, i no understand.
Na only God fit help her oo

No be small water don pass garri
God go true true help her

This matter get k-leg. Na for her to change location and phone number or report to police and make he sign paper say notin go happen to her.

You get point o my broda after she report to police she fit change location.

Sent people get mind sharing. How person go kidnap him own Pikin?.

Make the lady report the matter to police, although we know sey Nigerian Police get K-leg with their way of handling issues, but Na the best option be that. Facebook rant no fit solve the problem.

Make she also carry her Pikin run comot from that town and make sure sey him no get any way to contact her.

My broda you yarn well jare.

The story tire me. Put eye for water if you want date anybody. The truth be say, i for like hear from the guy before i pass my judgement. But if i take am as you take narrate am, i will tell the girl to sue him papa pikin for court. Make him write an undertaking since the man done dey threaten her.

Exactly make the matter reach court then e sign say nothing go happen to her you too gbaski

Things dey happen ooo. Wetin she still dey wait. Life don dey involve . make she report for police and court. They fit help

Thank you my broda

As she don report the guy e good, na kokoro winch the guy be... This life big oo

No be small winch Lol

This kind matter ehn, e get as e be ooo, me no just understand wetin to tell this babe. Wetin me I think say she go fit do, na to carry the guy matter go court, make court give the guy notice say, if anything happen to her and her pikin say na d guy dem go hold.

You yarn well bros