Madam Beyonce don buy her own church ooo.  

in naijapidgin •  9 months ago

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Country people hau una dey? e nor easy ooo, but we go the pusham d go like that. One day one day our own luck go Jam, so the pusham the go.

For d mata head, you fit call am amebo, if you like sef, call am ogbonge news, all join for the mata wey naijapidgin carry con today.

Na naijapidgin Waka kurukere con jam this tori wey don the shele for over six (6)days now inside orlean for America.

If you nor still sabi who we been the yan im mata, make I tell you now. Beyonce na that babe wey the sing the dance with all her ikebe. ehennn, u don sabi her now abi! Na she sing HIPS no the lie raraa ooo, she sing that one with shakira wey the dance like snake. We even hear say our own pikin Tiwa Savage don follow her dance well well sef.

Abet make pesin nor con forget the main tori jareh. As we the yan you before, Beyonce wey them even the call Queen Bey don comot beta money buy her own church fa. We hear say na $850.000 wey be equivalent of #306.000.000 only naim she take buy the church ooo. But that money na small thin for where REV. Ezeugo dey na, abi I lie?

D mata wey follow the church be say elections don try people nor the use am sake of say members them the kpai anyhow.

As we torchlight the mata More more, we con hear say na Beyonce Mass them wan the celebrate inside ooo. One of d people wey we Jam for corner con yan us say Beyonce wan use the church praise God through her own secular Muzik, and she go the use am empower black women them.

Na so naijapidgin con inside we country con the ask naija them people how the mata be themooo. Trust naija people na, some say na ENDTIME, some say na craze the worry Beyonce and some say na beta thing.

You nkor, weytin You See for this mata? Talk your own now.

God bless naijapidgin plenty plenty.

nah @sunny4glow bring dis one for us

you fit still join our discord channel where d thing d happen here

nah @mittartz give us dis fine avarta


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nothing wey eye nr go see for this world sha.

This one strong o,but na church na
If tosey na anoda tin,i for scatter my comment box.....God go help una

D mata wey follow the church be say elections don try people nor the use am sake of say members them the kpai anyhow.

Me I no understand that one o, my guy, dey should be use for the.

Make angel Gabriel kukuma blow that trumpet make we log out from this world go heaven to chop better food hear better talk. This world has tayad sumbori