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Women, were created to be helpers. Yes, they were. Nevertheless, I think women who consider their helper position as inferior are just being inherently ignorant of who they really are.

Being an helper is synonymous to being the pillar in a builder. The pillars of a building structure are helpers of support, yet that does not translate to the fact that they are not important.In fact, they are indispensable.

Of a truth, Women are the reason why most men in the world have not gone crazy. We , men, are like irons, we find it very hard to bend, we get really hard on ourselves when the situation of life hits us. We easily make decisions out of mis-guided and stupid valor. We are more logical than intuitive. It is in this kind of scenario that women fill the role of helping us to stand and not be broken. I am forced to think men commit more suicide than women because of our iron way of life.


Source: Wikipedia, Gender Differences in Suicide

More so, women have a different approach to issues ,more like a counter-approach. Many times, I find it easy to gain headway out of my labyrinth of problem-solving ,anytime I speak to an opposite sex about it. It does not take them minutes to see it in another way entirely. They tend to have counter-clockwise way of seeing things compared to how men do.

I just believe women are inventions of complement, yet they are not dispensable. Like James Brown sang It's a man's world but it would be nothing without a women out there.

This brings me to the many things I have heard some so-called feminists say. it is true women are not fully free, at least not in all parts of the world. It is true that women are being suppressed by certain cultures. I believe fighting against this suppression and oppression is what true feminism should be about , not trying to take the man's position in contexts where a woman position is left vacant,as many feminists seem to do. Although, I will not call such feminism.

I am not saying women should not be leaders, I am only saying there is no point envying the roof when you are the pillar. That is what I think many women do, envying the man , trying to take his position when that man needs a woman to support him.

Women are womb-ers , that is just a word I coined for growers of men. There are definitely single-daddies, but very rare. Yet, in situations where single daddies exist, there were feminine supports from mothers, female relative and friends. A man is a human product but not a human producer and in most , if not all cases, they are not equipped by natural effect to single-handedly groom and produce fineness, finesse and all-round beauty out of children. Woman can and they do this with ease.

So , here is the question?

Why do pillars want to become roofs? Can the roof stand without the pillar, NO. Can the pillar stand without roof? Yes. But what is the glory of the pillar if it supports nothing.

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