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what is 'The ghost story of Gonjiam mental hospital'?

Gonjiam Mental Hospital is a hospital in Gonjiam Town, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, southKorea opened in 1992 and closed in 1996.

This hospital was selected by CNN as one of the world's 7 most creepy place.

and It is one of the most scary places among the haunted houses in south Korea.

This place is getting more attention after it was released as a movie in Korea in 2018.

There are a lot of ghost stories in this Gonjiam mental hospital, and Let's see what the contents are.

The First story.

Suicide of the hospital director, and escape of the landlord

The most famous ghost story is the story of a hospital director who committed suicide by possessing a ghost.

There is a rumor that the voice of the ghost can be heard when the hospital director enters the room where he committed suicide.

There is rumor that the landlord escaped abroad after the suicide of the director.

Since then, hospital finances have deteriorated, The hospital staff left the patients and leaving the hospital.

Eventually, the remaining patients died out lonely in the hospital.

The Second story.

Reason for the closure of Gonjiam mental hospital

The hospital was closed in four years because the patients died without reason.

The director of the hospital who was addicted to drugs, harassed many patients or hung their necks and killed them in Room 206.

He fled because he was afraid that the fact would be revealed, and he is still missing.

All the doors in the hospital are opened, but the door of Room 206 is not opened.

People probably think that the spirits of unjustly dead patients are blocking the door.

The Third story.

There is a ghost in the Gonjiam mental hospital.

There are quite a lot of eyewitnesses who saw ghosts in the hospital.

If you search the internet, you can find lots of pictures and videos of ghosts in the Gongjiam mental hospital.

Because of the rumor that there are ghosts, there have been a lot of horror experience teams and broadcast reporters visited in the past.

The truth of Gonjiam mental hospital

All of the above ghost stories have turned out to be fiction now.

A hospital director who is known to have died or suicide is currently working in another hospital.

The reason why the hospital was closed down was because it had been in conflict with the administration due to sewage facilities. and It was then closed down through normal procedures.

After the movie about Gonjiam mental hospital was released and the rumors spread, many members of horror experience teams and the broadcast BJs are coming to this place.

And those who visited there are still talk about witnessing the form of the ghost or listening to strange sounds.

In fact, residents of the Gonjiam Town sometimes hear people crying from inside the hospital too.

Now it is completely closed, no access, and the police patrol around.

Which one is true for you to think?

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