The Lake Michigan Triangle

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Everyone knows the Bermuda Triangle but only a few people know the "Michigan Triangle", where some mysterious incidents also happened to have happened.

This triangle is located in Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is 176 m above sea level, has an area of ​​58,016 km² and a maximum water depth of 281 m.

Its length is 494 km, its width 190 km and the shore stretches over 2,633 km. It borders the states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. The mysterious triangle is formed between Manitowoc, Ludincton and Benton Harbor.

There are numerous reports of activities in the Michigan Triangle that are difficult to explain and overwhelm rational thinking. The first recorded enigmatic events began in 1891, when schooner Thomas Hume took a trip across the lake to transport lumber.

Overnight, the ship disappeared without a trace together with the entire crew of seven. It was never found and an immediate, extensive search could not even find a piece of driftwood.

After the turn of the century, the strange events continued at regular intervals. One of the most mysterious is the case of the "Rosa Belle". In 1921, eleven people disappeared from the Rosa Belle while the ship itself fell overcast in Lake Michigan.

It seemed as if the ship had been damaged in a collision but no other ship had reported an accident and no parts of another, damaged ship were found.

Many felt that the incident was particularly scary because the Rosa Belle had already suffered a shipwreck in the 19th century, which had similar circumstances as that of 1921.

On April 28, 1937, Captain George R. Donner was on his way from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Port Washington, Wisconsin, and had to pass through the triangle. He was tired and retired to his cabin.

He gave orders to his second helmsman to wake him as they approached their destination. About three hours later, the second helmsman went to his captain to wake him up, but Donner was not in his cabin.

A thorough search of the ship revealed no indication to the captain - he disappeared without a trace.

Another mysterious case concerns Northwest Airlines Flight 2501: On June 23, 1950, the plane was on its way from New York to Minneapolis. On board were the experienced pilot Robert C. Lind and 58 passengers.

Because of the bad weather, he had to change course and flew over Lake Michigan. Around midnight, Lind asked for permission to lower his altitude from 3,500 feet to 2,500 feet without giving any reason. His request was denied and that was the last sign of life received from Flight 2501.

The events in Lake Michigan are identical to those in the Bermuda area. Some claimed that the triangle is a time portal and that it either slows down or accelerates time immensely during the passage.

Also UFOs are spotted again and again in the area around the lake.

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So that's why Detroit is so messed up!


i dont know much about detroit, i cant say something about it :)

Lake Michigan is notorious for eratic weather changes, that have got a lot of people in trouble already. Within minutes there can be storm gails, fog banks, blizzards and whatever else. Its a dangerous water, also because it looks so calm and pretty at times, making people think its a harmless place ideal for a easy boat tour.


I researched abit about vile vortices and the specifics are the sudden weather changes like you say. they always turn up in reports about areas where anomalous things happen ... strange


In this case, the combination of the huge flat continent and the Great Lakes makes violent weather quiet plausible. Cold air streams from the north and warm, humid air streams from the south are already a receipe for desaster if they collide. You can see that on the frequently occuring tornados, which dont just make ships or planes disappear, but entire towns.
In addition to that, there are the enourmous water bodies like Lake Michigan. They call it "Lake", but its size makes the Bodensee look like a pond. Everything is bigger in America...
It can create situations, like when the water is still warm in autumn and cold air comes in from the north, where severe storm builds up on the lake. They dont call Chicago "Windy City" for nothing.... :)


I had not looked at it that way and yes, it makes sense in the case of Michigan Triangle

Interesante post, cuenta con mi apoyo, espero sea mutuo, ya que de eso depende nuestro crecimiento en esta comunidad. Te sigo.



I knew about it, but I'm from there. I hate to say it's aliens....But, it's aliens. ツ


ancient aliens? :D


Yeah, that meme always makes me laugh with his hair. But maybe not so ancient ones continue to mess with Earth. :D