Top 5 World's Most Cursed Treasures-Mysterious ?

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Hey! everyone, Today I come with very interesting things about Treasures. Treasures, we know about it very well, but there are also many treasure which are cursed. Who will want to find these treasure, will die as a strange.
There are 5 top World's cursed treasure listed below:
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This whole chamber was made of gold which was intended in 1701, in Persia.The things inside the amber room were of gold, some people used to call it the eighth wonder of the world. During the festival of Peace Street of Russia or Persia, Peter the Great was found it in 1718 as a gift and during the World War 2nd, the Nazis captured it in 1941, and to secure it,it divided it into separate parts. And all its pieces was displayed in a museum in 1943 and despite the tight security of the room, this whole Amber Room disappeared, not even known till date. But after the disappearance of it, the process of death in the weird way of the people connected with it started.The museum's protector and his wife are killed and the doctor also disappears who had signed their death certificates.The General associated with this room dies in a mysterious car accident, and a man who finds this room was found dead in the woods.
America has as small Island near Milford, which is considered to be a cursed. The Mexican emperor's treasure was taken by Allahoho in 1718 and they hide it here. When some people came here in search of this treasure around 1850, they were killed by the ghost spirits. As soon as they reached here, people believed that the flames started flowing in the structure of the bones. There are no treasure found till date and those who try to great efforts told that there are strange lights and there also come scary sounds.
If you have seen the movie of Lord of the Rings or have read the book of Lords of the Rings, you must have heard the name of the LOST DUTCHMAN MINE. This mine at Arizona Attorney near the Apache tribes. Here the Apache Tribes believed that no divine power near this treasure allows anyone to come around this scent. A Spanish's man Leonardo da Cornado who try to search it then his all workers was died as mysterious and the corpses got stacked. In 1850, a don here received some gold, but the local Apache tribes murdered him and the whole gold scattered in his terrain, and the entrance of the treasury was closed and since this place has been named The Lost Dutchman Mine.
The story of this mysterious treasure begins with 1864 when the President of Mexico, Vehnito Zohare sent his four soldier with this treasure to Sans Francisco. There was lots of gold coin and some precious jewellery in this treasure. On the route, one of four soldiers died, while the remaining three soldiers had given this treasure to the ground so that they could come and steal it later. But a man walking around there later took this treasure and stepped up on the top of the Sans Francisco's mountain.After that, whoever tried to find this treasure that died in a mysterious way.
The Oak island mystery was first introduced by the some teenager in 1795 when they see a strange mysterious light near the Noka Scotia in Canada. When teenager reached that place, they saw new fresh pit,as the robbers came to know there, those teenager thought that there was a treasure hidden here.They dig this pit that they found a piece of stone on which was written that "Forty feet below, 2M Pounds are Burried". The President of America Frenklyn Dilano Ruse Volt tried to search this treasure, although he was not the President of America.
So these are the some blind faith stories which is believed by some people.I hope you like this article, what do you think about above story comment down below!!!
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