MyPictureDay - Eating Crow

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It was so hard to get out of bed this morning! It was raining and just looked yucky outside. After forcing myself up to go take pictures, I was on my way to a park by the river and seen this crow perched on a stop sign eating. I was fumbling around for my camera and missed it. I wasn't fast enough. So I turned around in hopes of getting close to it again. Found it agian by a parking lot. Every time I would get close in my truck it would fly to another perch. If anyone was watching I am sure they got a good laugh at me driving back and forth across this parking lot looking as if I didn't know what spot I wanted. I noticed after about the forth time of this zig zagging around the crow started cawing. I guess it was warning off others. It finally got enough of me and crossed the highway and I never seen him again.



With the overcast and fog I was expecting to find people fishing on the bank of the river but it was a ghost town in the park. The fog didn't lift up until after noon. I didn't expect that and haven't seen the fog last that late in the day before around here. The clouds finally started to part and let some light out around two.



Yesterday I wrote a post about planning for a photo, none of these shots are the ones that I had planned on taking. My plan had been to go out today and make some long exposures. None of those worked out, so today I guess that I ate crow!

I have had fun today making these photos for the #MyPictureDay contest. Thank you @timsaid for hosting it and motivating us to get out and take more pictures.

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These are awesome! As I said on my reply to you, I really love the landscape shots, these are refreshing to look at. I live in the city and so this is very rare to me. These are all nostalgic (^-^) All the best! Keep it up :-)


Thanks buddy! If it hadn't been for this contest I don't think I would've gotten out yesterday to shoot. @timsaid is going to have some tough choices. The photos in your entry are stunning. Best of luck!

Getting out of bed early in the morning is always rewarding :) I like the crow and the foggy shots a lot!


Thank you. I just got lucky with the crow. That was the closest shot I was able to get of it.

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It's always exciting feeling when things is not going based on a plan, otherwise we catch totally new experiences. Great article and beautiful photos. Keep up your awesome work !