My picturday : The love story of the coolie of the building

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hi all steemian friends ..
Greetings prosperous and happy always make it all, hopefully healthy and can activity as usual yes :)

In today's post I will tell a little about the story of a construction worker who loves a schoolgirl woman just ending up with a pseudo-shadow word or a dream.

My fault mutia, love you schoolboy I am not an office person, who can promise the future Am I wrong Mutia, who is just a construction worker No high school, not even a primary school Is it my fault God loves a mutia you make.

She is elegantly elegant
Greet me
Especially standing next to him ah ... it's not worth it
The beautiful Mutia.

I am the creature who admired you behind the walls of the building
Stare at you with the roar of my chest like a wave in the ocean
Your beauty can not be denied
But my cheeks slap the truth.

I am Salut Mutia, I am only a construction worker
Until whenever you are just a shadow
having you is a dream!

hopefully this photo will be the best in this theme and may story :)

Thank you for visiting and following my blog today.
Greetings steemians friends wherever located

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Demi adek apa saja kurela kerja... Haha

Berikan cintamu yang tulus untuk saling bercinta. Jangan kamu Mutia melihat aku dengan sebelah mata, dari dulu aku mengenal mu. Semenjak hidup ku saat melihat dunia, melihat kamu seakan alam ini penuh warna dan cukup untuk segala-galanya. Bereh bang @marhabanmf


Haha mantap that an @puwan
Salut 😎

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