MyPictureDay - Autumn hiking in the Bükk mountains

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We were hiking again yesterday, in beautiful autumn sunshine. This is my favourite season: not so warm, not so cold, and the trees are going to be multicolored. The trees are green yet, but they'll turn yellow and red in 1-2 weeks. The destruction of Easter snowstorm is still visible.

Abandoned house ruined by a fallen tree:

The surroundings of the spring "Köpüs" is awful, fallen trees everywhere (remember this year after Easter):

Fresh spring water:

An old beech tree at the spring:

The Köpüs-rock:


Yellow mushroom:

Barberries - a very healthy fruit, full of vitamin C:

Áldás! *** Blessings! *** Namaste! *** Aloha!



gorgeous!!! we have 'bearberries' in the pacific northwest of US, native people say kinnickinnic, pretty different then those in shape, round, very starchy. they stay on the plant throughout the winter, you can dig them up in the snow. I wonder if they're similar? The leaves look pretty similar, but the berries not. I believe latin they say Uva Ursi?

Uva ursi means bear grapes?
Sometimes I eat some berries, but they are very sour! Better to put them in honey.

The next time you will be hiking, count me in

Okay, you are welcome!

What a great view 😍😍😍

I love those berries..😍😍😍
Nice views

Nagyon szep kepek!! :-)

Beautiful photos ... love what I see on all nature. Keep the photos coming..

nice nature))

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