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Hello Steemiants, here is my entry for #mypictureday contests #photography by @timsaid

On this Thursday unannounced electricity cut lasted for a long time than it should have and I had a long warm day in front of me. I left my mobile at home, picked up my camera and went for the monastery tour. I live at a place where Tibetan refugees have been given accommodation by the State Government.

(Dear park monastery)

Bir is famous for paragliding across the globe and has also organized Paragliding World Cup in 2015, in which about 150 professional pilots participated. Apart from paragliding, it is also known for the flourishing monastic schools of Buddhism religion. The 14th Dalai Lama came in India in 1959 and in 1960, the doors of Bir were opened to Tibetans. Since then more than 10 monasteries have been built here. These monasteries are not just praying temples for these ! but they also serve as learning schools for Tibetan children and students from across the world who want to learn the teachings of Buddhism.

(Choukling Monastery)

(Dhauladhar mountain range can be seen in backdrop from Choukling Monastery Stupa)

In more than 10 monasteries there are around 2000 lamas are learning about the teachings of the benevolent God Buddha.

(Sherabilling Monastery)

Some of these monasteries are so placed then one can see the snow clad Dhauladhar mountain range up close. One has to step inside a monastery to feel the positive vibes that reverberate in the air along with chants of Buddhist prayers. Nowadays, the learned monks are preparing for the annual prayer festival that is going to take place somewhere in the month of February. The atmosphere is joyous already one can sense a feeling of calm determination on the faces of monks working to make this annual festival a grand event.

(Sherabilling Monastery)

By the time sun had gone straight up, I had visited 4 monasteries and now it was time to see the last two of the day, which were 8 km away from here. I was on my bicycle and about 40 minutes later I reached Papalung Monastery where some lamas (native word for monks) were sitting in meditation and chanting some mantras. The calmness was so spread in the air that it felt like as if the trees and the wind too were chanting the holy mantras.

(When Lama forgot his existence through meditation, Paplung Monastery)

The lama caretakers of kitchen were carrying the wood into the truck from jungle so that there would be no problem in cooking food for fellow lamas. I was feeling happy seeing the friendly behavior, and I was also surprised to see the magnificence of the monastery. The powerful walls of the temple were pointing to the deep roots of this religion. The paintings on the walls looked absolutely alive.

(Paplung Monastery)

(Paplung Monastery)

(Bhattu Monastery)

At 4pm I left the last monastery and reached home 5 where the light had come. So, this was my happy day, and how did you spend your day?

All These Photos clicked by me (@himalayanwomb) with
ModelCanon 1100D
LensCanon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens
LocationBir, Himachal Pradesh, India
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Congratulations on the honorable mention. Great colors in these photos. Looks like such a beautiful place to visit.