Sunset always good - MyPictureDay Submission

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Hello, Steemit users
this my entry for #mypictureday contests #photography
much thanks to @timsaid

The day felt different. The sun is shining in the daytime. So i think later in the afternoon when the sun sets will definitely be nice to preserve. And my guess is right. The sun went down very well that day. I took this photo on the Ulee Lheu bridge, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia.

Camera : Nikon D5100 - ISO 100 f/8 1/200s 62m

Camera : Nikon D5100 - ISO 100 f/10 1/400s 68m

Camera : Nikon D5100 - ISO 640 f/4.5 1/1000s 55m

Camera : Nikon D5100 - ISO 640 f/4.5 1/640s 55m

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Lagak that..

Makasih tengku :)

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Keren nyan.

Berehh makasih rakann

Lovely photos! Such a beautiful sunset).

thanks sir, much learn from you about photography :)

nice and steady .. good luck for your success .. do not forget also my post

okay my friend :)

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Hello @ farizzz I have seen some of your photos, I am also a hobby of Photography and I have also participated in several photojournalism training courses, I am @samsulbahrizazg just a week joining Steemit, maybe in this forum we can discuss and share information, I also live in Banda Aceh