My Steemit Name @dianafigura - The story behind it

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Good day to all

As @phantum04 mentioned my name on her post about WHAT'S YOUR STEEMIT NAME entitled "My Name is What?/ What's your Steemit Name?" by @steemitachievers, it really got my attention. And I would love to tell to you also the story why I came up with my name here in steemit @dianafigura wherein it is my real name also.

But first and for most, I am so sorry for your lost my dear friend @phantum04, I know ehat you've been through but I am glad that now after all those years you survived and become a stronger woman.

And now here is my story of my name..


My story is just so simple, yet so meaningful and unforgettable to me.

From the time I first heard of STEEMIT, I tried to register instantly. I thought it will be just easy for me like everbody did. My first attempt I used diffrent name, waited a month for the approval,but nothing. So I tried again used another name expecting to be approved and waited again but still no reply. Did not loose hope so I tried again and my friends here in steemit even helped me. The funny thing was still I was not accepted. So I asked my self "why oh why steemit you are not accepting me?" A little bit of drama here guys..but that was also true, my friends even laughed at me...hehehe..

I followed all the steps and procedures upon registering but still no results. So I just thought that maybe there is something wrong with me or the random names that I used. So I came up with a plan and used my real name diana figura instead. And on my 4th attempt I registered again, and voila!!! So glad that after so many attempts and after a few days it really worked. I got in without waiting for so long.!! I was really happy at that time.

And that's the story behind my name guys...

And if I will be given a chance to change it or use another name, DEFINITELY NOT. because for me my name is still my lucky charm and I am proud of it.

Really glad to be here in steemit with my real name on it.

Thank very much guys for having sometime to read my story..


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Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and you rock and nice name. Diana is a strong name.


well thank you @joeyarnoldvn, and happy easter sunday to you and your family..

thanks a lot for joining!


you are very welcome. so happy to join too. thank you.