Fish or Foe!!! My Second Go!

in myhuntingfishing •  9 months ago

In my very first video here on Steemit I was fishing a small hole for bass and bluegill. The trip was great, I caught fish after fish. But I left feeling salty, even though I was fishing freshwater. The reason for this feeling is quite simple, I hooked into a gigantic bass but it somehow managed to break free from my hook. Seeing where it went, I tried to catch it again, but that was it for that mogan of the pond.

Then recently I revisited that hole. Figuring it would be there, I snuck up to the water to catch a small bluegill to then use at bait for my foe.

Almost instantly we had a take and I was sure it was that fish. It has to be the biggest one in the pond. Reeling this monster all the way in it finally gave a large head shake followed by a sharp dive making an end to this match. This is the second time I have faced this bass and so far the score is 2-0 Largemouth.

All I am left to do is wait and plan my next ambush much like the non elusive Wile E. Coyote.

Thank you for reading/watching

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increase the hook size and set that hook hard. looks an awesome little water to fish.., envious!


Thank you, I was using a size 3 octopus hook, any bigger might not work. It's very pressured here and these fish are keen on what they take. I have had bluegill hooked up and right in front of bass that didnt take them until I used a smaller hook. lol I plan on going back with 10lb bare braid so I can rip through that lip.


yes braid will help a lot man. I have been using circle hooks for shy perch and fishing them a bit through the mouth and out of the head.

Great video @nickbuha! Too bad it didn't have a happier ending for you. I love the idea of using the bluegill as bait for the big guy. I'll admit I have heard of the technique before but I have never seen it used! It really works! Haha.

Thank you for posting from!


Thank you!!! That fish is truly a worthy adversary, I'll try again one day.

Your welcome, I will be sure to post there from now on.

Little bit of jealousy while I sit up here throwing lightning bolts at people...

That being said…


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