Caught a Few Fish at The Pond Tonight

in myhuntingfishing •  7 months ago

0524182025.jpgThe pond. I love how the white bark on the trees reflects the light of the setting sun and contrasts the dark green of the leaves and the water.

0524182019a.jpg A nice bluegill. Unfortunately the photo is a little out of focus so you can't see all of the fine details of this beautiful fish as clearly as I would have liked.

The fish are biting a little better now and the bigger ones are getting hungry. It's about time!

0524181949c.jpg The biggest fish of the evening. A green sunfish. One of the biggest I have ever caught. My son holding the bruiser.

0524181947.jpg A smaller guy but he sure has a nice suit on. Look at them colors!

0524181943.jpg This first green sunfish to the hand. A respectable specimen with good color highlighted by the glow of the setting sun.

All fish came to a standard size 12 mayfly nymph on my fly rod.

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Hay man. Nice fish. I'm a fisherman here on steemit aswell. I will follow you and upvote and hope you can follow me too. Nice fishing. Tight lines hello from Ireland2017-03-20 02.40.49.png


Absolutely! Glad to meet you! Please use the #myhuntingfishing tag and we will get you some upvotes on your fishing posts!


I will indeed thank you. I have followed also

Well, cool, dude. I like the colors, but them are some weird looking beasties. Guess I've never seen sunfish before, or for that matter bluegill. The one your son is holding kind of looks black and a little mean. Maybe Paleozoic, too. :)

I can't believe you put up with me and my fishing ignorance ways. I need to get 'schooled' in fish nomenclature. :)


The green sunfish look almost pre-historic for sure. That one was pretty dark but it was also the lighting. Here is the same fish with different lighting/angle.



Yeah, now that does definitely look green. An actually nice dark green. :)

How many fish have you actually kept so far this year?


So, I catch and release all of these local bluegills, green sunfish, bass, etc. I keep the trout we catch. We have kept about 25 trout so far this year. ;) we have eaten about half of those and the other half is in the freezer.

You Trust me or not but its true that i Love Thank you for share amazing fishing photo shot..

by the way cute baby and fish photo capture is really really beautiful..

wow, How sweet adorable baby, baby with fish this photography impressed me.

FB_IMG_1527236259076.jpgthey look like our saltwater Wrasse!

Beautifil colours and awesome fun to catch.

Beautiful catch )

I have never Gone fishing. but it seems to be such a fun. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

That is indeed good and great .That is indeed a nice place to go for fishing , nice environment .You did caught them pretty great. The one that your son is holding is quite big ;)

Have a happy day buddy !

How fun is that! The smile says it all...

  • We have those green ones here too. and pumpkinseeds and bluegill and hybrid bluegill and ... ... I can't keep them all straight. They are scrappers!