Fishing with my brother cliff kr. Raya 🎣 #FISHINGLIVEBAIT

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hy steemian, this is my memories with my brother on the cliff of kr raya. Our favorite place because of the many fishes, every weekend we must be here to enjoy the fishing. The technique we used at the time was with live shrimp bait. but this is a story of the past because my brother has worked in an area 300 km from the city I live. 😩


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----- Tackle Ultralight Fishing -----

ROD : Telescopik blank
REEL : Shimano biomaster 5000
PE : Line natural 0.28mm
SNAP : -
LURE : Live bait**

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
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Woow ,you have got a big fish ! Cool

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