Best grouper for me 👉😊👈 #FISHINGLURE

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hallo steemian, morning spirit with fishing 😊. fishing river near the house only catch 1 grouper fish with ultralight technique, first moment got the strike I am very sure this fish manggrove jack 😂, but the grouper I landed 😑. using lure minnow 6gr sinking + slow retrive.🎣🎣


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** special Thanks To: @myhuntingfishing @spinner @brian.rrr @mantishands @onceuponatime @rideteam & all angler 🎣

----- Tackle Fishing -----

ROD : Discovery 4lb
REEL : Shimano technium 1000
PE : J-braid 0.8
LEADER : Varivas 15lb
SNAP : Cultiva #0
LURE : Minnow altron 6gr**

**-----Salam Steemit Indonesia-----**
**Thanks You By @arys129**


Great catch! Grouper is delicious

yes friends, grouper does have a delicious taste 👍

Nice fish mate. I do fishing aswell. Good to see a fellow fisherman. I will follow and upvote. Tight lines buddy

thanks friends, i will also always see the anglers all over the world in this steemit. Greetings from Indonesia

You to my friend from Ireland. Thank you

Nice catch!! Keep On Steemin On!!

thank you friends, greetings from angler indonesia

My upvote is small just like you are a friend.

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