Little brother / ညီလေး (Myanmar Coversong)

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Little brother / ညီလေး (Myanmar Coversong)

Today I would like to share you
the song that my favorite. This
song is meaningfull for life. The
song tell " A brother say to his little
brother about Do & Dont when living
in the human life.


When I have free time I alway sing this song by playing guiter. I like
this song very much because of

Life is too short and life is like a
fire. One day it will happen ashes.
The history planted will one day
bear fruit. May all be happy
because of you. Life has its ups and
downs. Therefore, humble yourself.
Talk about you one day and make
people happy. Write your own
It doesn't matter if you are not very successful...
Don't make people cry because of you...
Help someone even if you can't
fight a thousand enemies...

This is my coversong "Little Brother"

This is original song by Myo Gyi

The video from Youtube>>>

That is all what I would like to share
you about my favorite song and

Thank you so much listening my cover song

# The future is in your hand# Do not kill the time# If you love yourself
# Never give up!# Try your BESTScreenshot_2021_0706_202202.png


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