My 2018: Welcoming the new year! - Japanese New Year's food / Grandpa's Cooking

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My 2018: Welcoming the new year! - contest hosted by @anomadsoul.

Hello everyone,
I have a question. Do you have any special dishes to celebrate the new year in your country? There is a dish celebrating the new year in the Japan. It’s “Ozoni”.
Today, I would like to cook "Ozoni" for you.

This is “Latest video” from my YouTube channel “Watercolor by Shibasaki”.
Please switch to English subtitles.

(C)Harumichi Shibasaki.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

Watercolor by Shibasaki

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Amazing Jiichan!! I always love Japanese culture and food ❤❤❤ Thank you so much for sharing this great video!


My sweet granddaughter, livvvvvvvu ❤︎ It's my pleasure! Thanks as always~~ :D

Happy New Year @shibasaki😊 I loved your video!! That food looks delicious and so beautifully presented; I absolutely love that about the Japanese culture. Even a special red lacquer bowl to use! I love Bonita and nori as well, so delicious. In Spanish, Bonita means beautiful 😊

I didn't know about the placement of the bamboo tree as well, such a lovely tradition. I'm hoping for all the best for you in 2019, health and happiness my friend!


Oh my friend @lynncoyle1, Happy new year!!! :D
Thank you soooo much! I wish you a year filled with peace, good health and happiness :)


You're welcome @shibasaki :)

And thank you too!

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It looks so good!!! And the food is so colourful and delightfully presented, I wouldn't be surprised to see this dish served in a restaurant. You are so talented in many areas, shibasaki-san ^_^.
Now I'm hungry hahaha.


scrawly-chan, Thank you as always~~ :D
Oh, okay, okay! I'll cook for you. So please tell me when you come to Japan, someday~!! ;)

WOW JIICHAN !!! Happy New Year !!! To eat Ozoni at new year is very traditional and wonderful ! A great video !!! NOW KUMO IS HUNGRY ALSO~


My sweet granddaughter Kumoko-chan, Happy new year!!! Okay, You and scrawly...... I will cook two ozoni. Itudemo oide~ :D :D ❤︎

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That looks so simple to make, and also so filling, perhaps I shall try to make it sometime as we have some very good local taro. Hapoy new year.


Happy new year @livinguktaiwan, Thank you so much~! :D