My2018 - This Is My Hobby😎: Swimming

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My favorite sport of all my life is swimming, I love swimming .

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and I consider that the most beautiful thing is to do what one likes.

How did I start with this sport?

Well I'm interested in swimming because I was taken to the doctor a couple of years ago and I have lumbar choleosis 8 degrees to the left, this means that my spine is crooked and when the doctor said I should swim it was like excited for me that idea, so much that I got to like it, except when I had to wear a silicone cap that tightens my hair a lot and therefore I have it almost waist high but love my sport.

Why did I choose a sport as a hobby in my 2018?

in the water I feel like a mermaid, I never care about winning medals, but on the contrary my satisfaction was to compete to show what I am good at, it is fabulous to entertain me and spend my free time in the pool, even though I am not free to leave what I more love, swim.

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What is my favorite style?

My favorite style is butterfly, I know it is tiring and it is with technique but I must say that where I train all my life they taught me excellent and I thank for all the teachers that I have passed.

I think a hobbye is to love him because we feel alive and energetic because that is what life is all about. I do not know what I was thinking @anomadsoul in creating a contest but believe me that the boto of the stadium and with steemit

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I miss the pool, i like sun and I love swimming...congratulations you have a great hobby

estas muy gordita @karchady saludos!

Excelente deporte y post mi querida amiga Karla!! No usas la etiqueta mosqueteros amiga?
Un fuerte abrazo desde Chile!!!