My cheetah blacklist. My apology to the Steemit community

in #my3 years ago (edited)

I must confess this is the hardest post I have ever written on steemit. Openly admitting that I am a thief, I haven't seen anything more humiliating than condemning myself by myself.

I didn't know when I did it, it was the handiwork of the devil. Something just came over me and I didn't know when I plagiarized Ngozi Janet's Post and pasted it on my blog.

Bullshit... I am not playing that Devil's Blame game here, where I blame everything on the devil because Devil can't talk. Even if you charge him to court, he can't open his mouth to defend himself.

I will try my best to keep this apology post as real as I can.

Here I go.

Some days ago, I plagiarized a facebook post and posted it on steemit, although I edited like 50% of it and posted on steemit but somehow, steemcleaner magically located me.

How they located me? I don't know, all I know is that the very morning @winarobet managed to find out earlier about the plagiarism and messaged me about it and how disappointed he was. Maybe because the write-up was featured on @stach and he was so pained that I kinda scammed all of them.
As a smart guy I thought was, I couldn't just admit defeat like that, I have already lied to him and the whole steem community that I wrote the post. I could keep up the lie for 6 more days until the post pays out.


I admitted to him that I stole the post but also told him that I did so with the permission of the author. Then I promised to edit the post and give credit to the author, which I did. Then again, he said he will personally ask the author if she gave me permission to steal the post.

Well, my lie was good at the moment but not for so long, so I went ahead to message the author and confess my sins to her, I even confessed the ones that my Rv.father forgave last Sunday.

To be sincere, I wasn't really apologizing to the author because I was really sorry but I apologized because I was caught and I needed her permission to escape my punishment. I mean, I don't think I would be making this apology post if steemcleaner didn't ask me to, as part of the procedures.

But then again, I was working on making a confession post on how I stole, tricked and deceived steemcleaner before I left for work today, only for me to come back and find out that I was now downvoted by 100%. (Now 1%)

Why am I even telling you guys about the confession post? None of you would believe me.

Why wasn't I really feeling sorry? At first, I felt like its an ordinary facebook post. Why are these people wasting such awesome write-ups on facebook? Are they not aware of steemit? Or are they stupid?
Well, its none of my business, As a smart guy (I thought) and greedy guy, For the first time, I decided to fortunes out of their stupidity.

Okay, I lied in my last line... I also stole another post that day. It was also flagged by steemcleaner and they demanded that I ask the authors to add "STEEMIT" to their posts as a way of signifying that I was permitted to copy it.

It wasn't really hard to convince one of the authors to do it, as she is my High school friend. So I got my proof and sent it to steemcleaner and they unflagged that post. If only you know how happy I was, for escaping that one because that very post was downvoted by 10% (worth -$7).

I hope you guys won't flag the post back because I said the truth.

Meanwhile, I was still apologizing to the other author, just to get her damn permission.

Well, at a point, I decided to let it slide. As I thought that steemcleaner would also let the post I stole slide, without an apology. It made perfect sense, I was able to prove that I didn't steal one, They would think I didn't steal the other.

Unfortunately, Logic is a very persistent creature with an animal sense of sniffing things out. Once he bites on, He never let go. I suspected that he might get to find out the truth.

How did I know? From the very first day he visited my posts, he took his time to find out I edited the post before his arrival. Then downvoted it. When I chatted him up on steemcleaner server to resolve the matter. He was just so blunt.

Those characters were similar to mine and I know what I would do if it was me. I know I always find a way out even when the situation looks quite hopeless. (This post is not about me, I am sorry for praising myself a bit)

Even now, I am writing this apology post. I am almost convinced that my chances of steemcleaner not banning my account is almost zero but I believe it will work out. I believe the truth will set me free from the blacklist. Besides this my shot, Gotta shoot it right. One more lie would mean automatic banish

I proceeded to my next plan. I decided to be friendly with everybody on the server and try to make them laugh once in a while. I even made some moves like upvoting @pjau for witness, even tho I have never seen him before, Just to be friendly with him. Well, I don't regret upvoting him for witness tho. He is really a cool and hardworking guy but underrated.

If you are reading this shitty post now, can you please take out a minute to upvote @pjau for witness? Thank you...
Say the truth, you didn't upvote him... Did you? Go back and upvote pjau for witness. He is really working hard for steemit.

Well, I guess all those was a lame move because I was recently downvoted by 100% and nobody did nothing about it or fought for my Right (Wrong, I guess). The friendship didn't do me any good until I made a sincere apology to the community.

I guess this is THE END...

Ooh... hang on, Throughout this post, I never talked about if I ever feel really sorry and if I think what I did is wrong.

To be sincere, If I had sincerely asked those authors for the permission before copying their posts. I believe they would have given it to me without any question.

The first time I asked my Friend ALONSO for permission to share his works on my blog, It wasn't so much of a hassle to get it but he would also be sad if I stole the posts without his permission.

Why? A rich man may stack up money to his roof and would willingly give you some of the money if you give him a good reason to give you the money.

I could testify from my experience with @Neoxian, Many times have I seen him donate huge amounts of money to support projects on steemit but the last time he was scammed, he was so angry about it.

Although he can comfortably give out the money that was scammed off him, If the person asked nicely, with a good reason. Why was he now mad?

He was mad because he was just being kind and the scammer took his kindness for foolishness.

That's the same with my case, I tried to make a fool out of those authors by telling them I can enjoy their sweat and suffering. Reaping where I didn't sow.

I scammed each and every steemit member that upvoted the posts, thinking it was mine and I am sorry about it.

NB: Not because I was caught, I am truly sorry this time around. I swear it... I wish you guys can see my heart.

Up till now, I am still apologizing to one of the authors I stole from. The other has forgiven me. Even though her forgiveness won't change anything, remove the flags or stop steemcleaner from blacklisting me, but I feel like I really need it. The shit is really heavy on my conscience. I am not just apologizing because I wronged them, but because of it really important to me.

Steem community I am really sorry for what I did, please forgive me... Thanks...


The show is over. If you are not a member of Neoxian server, you can go home now

@Neoxian I am really sorry for making you upvote plagiarism with 100%... Please forgive me...

By the way, I hope you know that when you unfollowed me, it reduced my steem-UA?

@udezee I am sorry for making you support me even when I was lying...

@xawi, @jlordc @burlarj @winarobert I am sorry guys...


Minus this parts:

Meanwhile, I was still apologizing to the other author, just to get her damn permission.

Damn! You are way too honest! XD

To be sincere, If I had sincerely asked those authors for the permission before copying their posts. I believe they would have given it to me without any question.

Never assume unless otherwise stated.

I really think you could write well and this post proves that. You should have more confidence on yourself. This was easy to read unlike your other posts(except the art ones) probably because the joke is not too much in here. This was probably the first time I read your post from start to finish without cringing :)

Anyway. hope you got unbanned and have already learned your lesson :)

Thanks man... I was just being greedy... Well, I believe I have learned my lesson tho.

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Apology accepted - I hope steemcleaners forgive your sins and unban you.
It was a honest read fully cooked on sincere apology 🙏

They have forgiven me... I will just try my best not to cheat again and i will get out of blacklist... thanks man

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